Photo: New “Super G” Limited Edition Fragrance From Harajuku Lovers?

Wait… what! Thanks to Kierra for sending into us, has anyone heard about this? Looks like there is another limited edition fragrance from Harajuku Lovers being released by the looks of it, “Super G”! At this time unfortunately we have no other information on it, and honestly, it’s the first time we have heard of it! We’re going to do a little research and hopefully have more stuff up soon! Have you heard of it? Let us know!

So it looks like it showed up on eBay… so we are kind of skeptical… but we will looking around for more information!

Be the first to own fruity floral Super G! EDT 30 ml
Bottle: Super G cap flies sideways on a signature scalloped bottle with Super G logo.
Top Notes: yellow pineapple and tangerine
Mid Notes: Yellow freesia Banana Nector
Base Notes: Warm musk notes hinting vanilla and raspberry

3 Replies to “Photo: New “Super G” Limited Edition Fragrance From Harajuku Lovers?”

  1. I <3 this new perfume,its realy fruity and i got a sample card yesterday from Debhanems in Chatem,Haraguku lovers r soo cute!! they r my favorite perfumes-IN THE WOORLD!!

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