Photo: Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies “Pure” Fragrance?

Hmm… this is even weirder than the “new Super Hero G” fragrance we posted. Thanks to Chloe for sending into us — check out a photo of her new Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies “Pure” fragrance she purchased online from Japan. Wait, huh? Has anyone heard or has seen this before? We don’t want to call fake, but it’s really strange. It looks real, the packaging and the bottle, but how come we have never heard of this? It has been out over a year. Anyone? It’s really cute though and I’m sure people would want it.


Thanks to Chloe, here is the back view of the bottle and box! Also, she adds a little more.

yeah i don’t know much about it but i heard it was supposed to be realeased after the mini snow bunnies but the sunshine cuties came out then they never bothered so its only been realeased in japan thats where i got it from i have the rest of the set coming in the next week or two i will send photos when i get them but any info you have on these would be good

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  1. Why do some of these remind me of that thing that you could design your own HL G perfume bottle!?

    There seems to be a lot of new bottle designs =/

  2. Looks kinda fake to me. The font at the bottom of bottle looks slightly different: “PURE” should be in bold… And the Harajuku Lovers logo on the packaging is being used differently (there’s no Japanese font – compare it with the original Snow Bunnies packaging).
    And we all know that these things follow strict rules.

  3. Unless it is a sample or a prototype… Dunno! But maybe we should contact the Harajuku Lovers team and ask them. If this is really fake then they should perhaps be warned?

  4. The dolls face looks kind of odd, and her top is awfully low compared to the package! Does the fragrance smell different from other hl perfumes?

  5. victoria i was just wondering where you found the picture? i would love to know 🙂

    also kiera no it does not smell the same as any of the others 🙂

  6. l just got one of ebay for my daughter l have looked at so many sites to find it and l feel it fake because there are g , lil angle, music , love and baby and they always have there names on bottles not pure and there also is one called kind also with yellow hair i am going to report this to ebay

    1. That is such a bummer, I’m sorry. There have been a lot of fakes that have shown up on eBay and other unknown retail sites, it’s sickening. I would certainly report them, that’s crazy.

  7. On every harajuku lovers box there’s a message on the back and each character has a different one. As far as i can see here, the back of this box says somethings about DNA and about the latest collection… That is allways on the back of G’s box! Maybe its a prototype, maybe a fake..?

  8. even if it is fake it’s cute and would look good all my other g’s! wpuld love to know where i can buy it.

  9. THIS IS THE WEBSITE TO BUY IT. Its a fake because at the front it does not have the japanese letters, & on the back the quate is copied from one of the G snow bunnies perfumes, The box is copied from the G snow bunnies, But still its cute to have isn’t it, theres also another one called kind: the box has also been copied of the snow bunnies love, So they are the 2 fake replicas. But you can pretend they are real and show them off, but be carefull with the website if they sell fake perfume then maybe they can take your money away! just be carefull if buying….

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