Final Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “Jingle G” Hitting Stores In September

Wait! Oh no! Apparently the last ever fragrance from Harajuku Lovers, the upcoming “Jingle G”, will be hitting stores this Fall in time for Christmas. Well… this is news to us! I’m really curious as to why they are ending the fragrance line, it’s still very popular and seems to get better and better with every new scent, the latest, “Super G”. There isn’t much more information than that, except that the fragrance bottle will also be a hanging ornament for your tree, but what a bummer! Maybe that means we will be getting more fragrances from L.A.M.B. in the future? We hope so! We will keep you posted on the latest once we find out more information!

Kiss and Makeup — The last ever fragrance from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lover collection has been revealed – yes it’s Christmas themed and it’s called Jingle G! Oh, and it comes with a hanging ribbon, so you can hang it from the tree!

Sounds like it’ll smell delicious too – with notes of tangerine, orange blossom and vanilla. It’ll be out in September, priced at £13 for a 10ml eau de toilette.

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  1. I wasn’t referring to L, but a brand new fragrance! I heard there were more coming but that was quite some time ago, but time will tell!

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