New Harajuku Lovers Tweezerman Line Now Available At Sephora

We just wanted to mention that Tweezerman’s new line of Harakjuku Lovers accessories, including tweezers, compact mirrors and more are now available at Sephora makeup stores nationwide. The line ranges from $4-$25 and is not available online at this time.

Examiner — If you’ve got a “fatal attraction to cuteness” and you’re a stickler for well-groomed brows and nails, Tweezerman has a treat for you. They’ve partnered with Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers fashion brand to create a super kawaii (kawaii means cute, of course!) collection of beauty products.

This collection of limited edition products, available starting today exclusively at Sephora stores and, includes a compact mirror ($10), a set of matchbox itty bitty nail files ($4), and, of course, tweezers–mini slant tweezers ($15) and Tweezerman’s best-selling slant tweezers ($25), all of which feature one of more of the adorable Harajuku Girls. The products all capture the essence of Stefani’s music and lyrics as well as Japanese youth culture and fashion.

The matchbox itty bitty nail files, which feature all the Harajuku Girls, is a perfect product to toss in your purse for nail touch-ups on the go; these nail files may be little, but they’re incredibly useful. So too is the super slim compact mirror, which also features all the Harajuku Girls–it’s a stylish and adorable mirror that can be a cute and practical addition to any purse or desk drawer.

The mini slant tweezers, which feature a miniature version of the Harajuku Girls character G, is a great tweezer size for girls on the go, as it’ll fit easily into any purse or cosmetic bag. The full-size slant tweezers come in five colors, each featuring one of the Harajuku Girls characters (Love, Angel, Music, Baby, and G). All of these tweezers–both the mini slant and full-size slant tweezers–have perfectly aligned, hand-finished precision tips to make brow grooming painless and efficient.

Not only does Tweezerman consistently make top-of-the-line products that work incredibly well, Tweezerman’s always finding new ways to make their products stylish. The Harajuku Lovers limited edition designer series is no exception; all the products in this collection are fun and functional. Whether you’re “Just a Girl,” a “Hollaback Girl,” or a girl who likes being well-groomed and using chic products, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this fun collection of incredibly useful beauty tools.

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