More Photos of Harajuku Hugs and Prices

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Last week we had shared news of a new collaboration between Harajuku Lovers and Build-A-Bear, Harajuku Hugs, which is scheduled to hit stores on January 18. The new exclusive stuffed animal collection includes “Harajuku Hugs Panda” (the other animals pictured above are just for accessory modeling purposes). The panda is super cute and retails for $20 plus the cost of accessories which are sold separately which include classic Harajuku Lovers designs, most notably G, that range from $3-$13.50.

Thank you to Kiera for sending in the photo and we can’t wait to hear even more and see the collection for ourselves in a few weeks!

2 Replies to “More Photos of Harajuku Hugs and Prices”

  1. Just to clarify, the Panda is the only animal in the collection (so far). The other animals are “modeling” the Harajuku Hugs apparel and accessories.

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