More Photos And Details Of New Harajuku Lovers Headphones By Monster

We’ve been told that most stores already have the headphones but will not be hitting the floor until next week. So don’t be too bummed if you’ve already called or visited and didn’t see them, they will be out soon!

Here you go! Thanks to Kelly for sending more photos into us — check out the super cute packaging the headphones come in! She also sent us more details on all the known sets, we know of three so far, and I’m thinking those are it. They look amazing! They all come with a matching carrying case (sweet!) and extra buds. Let us know if you managed to get a set! They seem to not be in very many stores yet. I called five Targets around me (in Seattle) and none of them had them/heard of them. As soon as we find out more information (like the item number) they might be a little easier to track down for you.

Gwen HL Headphones – Super Kawaii – (I got these, photos attached). Feature the little G heads with teal cord and a carry bag, extra ear buds. $49
Wicked Style has different HL heads to swap out, checkerboard case. $59
Space Age G has silver head with rhinestones in bow and interchangeable bodies. $79

7 Replies to “More Photos And Details Of New Harajuku Lovers Headphones By Monster”

  1. I just bought the Wicked Style set, super cute! They sound great. They had all three sets at my local Target in MA.

  2. I just picked mine up tonight at a
    super Target. I love them!! I’ll try
    to post some pictures, ive never
    done this before so I hope it works.

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