L.A.M.B. Coming To Shop Adorn This Fall; Exclusive Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Deal

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We all know shopadornonline.com is our favorite online stop for all things Harajuku Lovers, but great news! L.A.M.B. clothing will be available this coming Fall! Most of the items will be arriving in September, and the website is accepting pre-orders for the amazing leather jacket Gwen was seen wearing during the fashion show earlier this year. The jacket comes in sizes 0-12, and Shop Adorn will be receiving one of each size, so please contact them if you are interested!

Also wanted to mention that the online store is featuring an exclusive Harajuku Lovers fragrance deal for everyone! Purchase all 5 fragrances for $100 and receive a mystery Harajuku Lovers tee — that’s up to a $45 value! Or for another $25, you will recieve all 5 fragrances and a mystery Harajuku Lovers hoodie! Such a good deal! Feel free to visit or the site or leave a comment if you have any questions about the promotion. Our next sponsored contest will be announced soon as well!

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