New Jewelry Line From Harajuku Lovers Now Available At Kitson

It’s finally arrived! Harajuku Lovers jewelry is now available on, and to be honest, we are a little underwhelmed and surprised by the prices. All the jewelry listed on the site features the the girl characters, including some really cute G earrings and cute charm necklaces. The prices range from $20 (for a ring) up to $150 (for the necklace pictured above). Don’t get us wrong, they pieces are pretty cute, and we’re happy that the generic pieces that were featured in Seventeen magazine are not listed, but hmm. We’re thinking there will be more to come from the line since it’s been said that there will be new pieces every three months to keep the line fresh.

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  1. YAY,I was hoping we’d see more pieces soon!! Those are so awesomely adorable,I’m sure the line will be yet another huge success for Gwen and the HL team. 😀

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