Inside Scoop From The L.A.M.B. And Harajuku Lovers Sample Sale

Thanks to Julie for sending in — check out her adorable new L.A.M.B. bag she picked up at the sample sale that’s happening in New York City! She let us know that there were tons of bags that haven’t been online (the butterfly print being one!) and all for a really great price. The sale retailed L.A.M.B. at 70% off and Harajuku Lovers items were around 30% off.

Racked — Calling all Gwen Stefani fans. It’s time once again for the L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers handbag sale, and this one should make quite a few of the designer’s admirers very happy. Let’s start with the big lure: L.A.M.B. samples. This time there are a lot, and we mean a LOT, of samples of never-put-into-production bags.

If you love Stefani’s designs, and you’re looking for a unique piece at a reasonable price, we suggest you rush down there today. Even though there are enough samples to cover a few large tables, we suspect that most will go fast. These pieces are leather, in all different styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Most are priced in about the same range as the regular stock, between $50 and $125. A couple of standouts we saw included a large, stylish, dark green, tailored leather purse for just $100, and a luxuriously soft, black leather clutch with a bow trimmed in zippers, for only $75.

The sale is also very well stocked with current L.A.M.B. pieces, from both the Spring and Summer collections. Most of these leather bags also run from $50 to $125, although there are a few very large ones, like the black leather Malabo Tote, for $175. Some of the best deals at the sale are for large L.A.M.B. canvas tote bags, available in a couple of very cute styles, which are selling for just $25. For the same price, there is also a decent assortment of L.A.M.B. wallets and make-up bags.

You’ll find some pieces from older collections out today, as well. These are priced lower than in the past, with some purses going for as low as $35. More of this stock with be arriving tomorrow. These bags are from the last couple of years, not the “vintage” (as collectors describe Stefani’s relatively early collections) L.A.M.B. pieces that we’ve seen at some previous sales. Also starting tomorrow, rumor has it that there will be a special bag give-away promotion where bold canvas camouflage Harajuku Lovers bags may be given free with some purchases.

The selection of Stefani’s LeSportsac-like Harajuku Lovers line is also generous and includes both new pieces and some which we’ve seen at previous sales. Prices are very reasonable, ranging from $5-$35 and stock includes brightly printed duffles, knapsacks, purses, laptop cases and make-up bags.

Come prepared, payment is credit cards only, there will probably be lines throughout today, and you’ll have to check your bag, so travel light.

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