HarajukuLovers.com Relaunched

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Just in time for the holidays, HarajukuLovers.com has been relaunched and now fans can purchase the latest Pop Electric fragrances directly. Adorable digital gift cards are also available for birthdays, seasons greetings and thank you notes that can be used on anything in the shop.

We hope to see more available on the site soon and we’re happy to see it back!

Photo courtesy of HarajukuLovers.com.

8 Replies to “HarajukuLovers.com Relaunched”

  1. So kawaii! 🙂 I wonder what platform they will use for the cartoon series. Would be cool if they aired it on TV and then have the episodes on the site available for download / purchase. Dunno! 🙂

  2. She’s still with Coty right? When she first released L and the first HL fragances, one big importer in my country had told me, the brand was not allowing any deals to bring them to South America.

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