Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Collection Hits Stores In September; October For Europe

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I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it just came out with a better photo and announcing the launch of it in October for Europe. The limited edition Snow Bunnies collection for Harajuku Lovers fragrance hits stores in a couple months in 10ml bottles only. This was found on moodiereport.com, and they are saying that the new bottles should be featured on the official site soon.

Coty Prestige is poised to update its innovative Harajuku Lovers fragrance quintet from singer Gwen Stefani, with a limited-edition Snow Bunnies collection. It will be available in Americas travel retail from September, before rolling out to Europe in October.

The five fragrances, packaged in cute doll format, were first unveiled last autumn. The Harajuku Lovers brand, launched in 2005, also incorporates apparel, fashion accessories, bags and stationery.

The original concept was based around the eclectic street style of the Shibuya, Tokyo area of Harajuku and the four Harajuku Girls, Stefani’s Japanese backing dancers. Now the dolls have been updated for winter, hence the Snow Bunny title. According to Coty, a “snow bunny” is a ultra-fashionable girly-girl who uses the snowy streets of Harajuku as her own personal catwalk.

The fragrance names (G, Love, Lil Angel, Music and Baby) remain the same, as do the original juices.

Each 10ml fragrance doll is presented in a carton coloured snow-white with a scallop pattern and snowflake motif, featuring the Harajuku Lovers logo that is distinctive to each girl/scent.

Fans can find out more about the Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies via the special website, www.HLfragrance.com, that was created to support the original launch.

The site is described as an immersive and interactive world that offers users an on-line entertainment experience that connects them to the brand while providing a ‘toolkit’ of Harajuku on-line cuteness.

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