Harajuku Lovers Releasing Line Of Tweezers And Nail Filers

Oh my, Gwen! What will you and your team think up next! It’s been announced that a new line of tweezers and nail filers are being released from Harajuku Lovers! The line will be hitting Sephora stores exclusively soon and will also include compact mirrors and grooming tools. Now we are just crossing our fingers for a makeup line!

Bella Sugar — If you’re a fan of Harajuku Lovers and its adorable little dolls, here’s another addition for your collection. Next month, Tweezerman will release a whole line of Harajuku products, including tiny files ($4), a compact mirror ($10), minislanted tweezers ($15), and full-sized slant tweezers ($25). Tweezerman is known for releasing designer grooming tools (it also recently did a Betsey Johnson collection, and its various patterned and themed nail care collections are legion), so it’s not surprising that Gwen Stefani’s much-loved brand is getting some of its own. Will you be buying these guys when they hit the shelves at (exclusively) Sephora?

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