BREAKING: Harajuku Lovers Jewelry Line Coming In March

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Yay! After confirmation that we were anticipating an upcoming jewelry line from Gwen this year last November, it didn’t take long! just spilled the beans that a line of Harajuku Lovers jewelry will be hitting Macy’s department stores this March, and they plan to release new pieces every three months! Young designer Samantha Bankle Schefman will be taking the reigns on designing for the line. She says that the pieces will take inspiration from Gwen, the Girls, and Tokyo of course, so I’m picturing something similar to stuff from the line in the past. New batches of jewelry will be released every three months to stores. No photos are available at this time and no price ranges have been released either. I also tried looking online for pieces that Bankle has done in the past and only found the photo above. Doesn’t really give us that much an idea…

West Bloomfield’s own Samantha Bankle Schefman recently made history in the world of costume jewelry, becoming the youngest designer at the legendary Miriam Haskell company.

Her first assignment? Creating singer Gwen Stafani’s Harajuku Lovers line, set to hit Macy’s in March.

The company recently signed an exclusive license agreement with Gwen Stefani, who already has successful clothing, handbag and fragrance lines.

Schefman said she grew up listening to Stefani’s band No Doubt, and now analyzes the singer’s solo work.

“I study it for the line I’m working on,” Schefman said. “It’s definitely a reference and everything she sings about is translating into our designs. I’ve taken myself away from being a fan and more of working for her.”

The jewelry, like Stefani’s other fashion ventures, is inspired by the Tokyo street culture embodied by her Harajuku Girls back-up dancers.

“The line has ended up being pieces for the fans that are kind of based around the girls and Gwen,” she said. “A lot of it’s based on what’s trendy and what’s selling, but we’re experimenting with all different materials. The first set is very rock chic.”

After the launch, the company expects to release a new group of Harajuku Lovers jewelry every three months.

“They’ll be very different looks. They’ll be cohesive but they’ll definitely transition for the seasons and our own inspirations,” Schefman said.

According to Schefman, Stefani caused a stir when she visited the Miriam Haskell offices in Manhattan to plan her line. “People wanted to meet her and be there because she’s gorgeous and perfectly put together, so we weren’t even allowed in the meeting,” Schefman said. “I haven’t met her yet, but I have a whole lot of respect for Gwen. She’s definitely driven and talented.”

Schefman said she was excited to be assigned to the Harajuku Lovers collection and coincidentally, it wasn’t her first brush with Stefani. While at CCS, she interned at Stefani and Company in Keego Harbor, owned by Cary and Jesse Stefani, who are relatives of Gwen and designed the wedding ring for her marriage to musician Gavin Rossdale.


We also found this little bit of information on, official website of the jewelry company Gwen is collaborating with. And looking at some of the pieces… we’re thinking the line might be a little pricey… They also mention that it’s hitting department stores, and not just Macy’s, in the Spring.

Most recently, Haskell has signed an exclusive license agreement with Gwen Stefani’s brand Harajuku Lovers to manufacture and distribute the Harajuku Lovers jewelry line starting Spring 2010. The collection will be available in department stores nationwide and draws inspiration from the eye-catching street style of Japanese girls in Tokyo as well as Gwen’s rock n’ roll sense of style.

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  1. if you know the exact release date, please post! im visiting NYC for the first time (i’m from the Netherlands) so it would be aweomse if i can finally see some LAMB or HL in real life!!!!

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