Harajuku Lovers Hitting Hot Topic; Available Online

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Alright, time to get back to work. Thanks so much to saraybe for sharing, but it looks like hottopic.com recieved some exclusive Harajuku Lovers shirt dresses in, and they are super cute! We did hear a couple rumors back that the line might be hitting stores as well… we’re kind of curious as to how well it would actually sell, but we’ll see. The shirts range from $32.00-$38.00

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  1. I actually think this kinda sucks, I mean nobody where I lived had Harajuku Lovers then they started selling the perfume at Wal-Mart and places like that, so everyone has it now, and now they are gonna have the clothing at Hot Topic so people are really going to have their stuff.

    Oh, well. Its best for Gwen. I just like being unique.

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