Harajuku Lovers “Create A G” Available As Free Gift From Escentual

Slow news week here at BSO — thanks to Christina for sending into us, check out an awesome Harajuku Lovers “Create a G” doll that comes as a free gift with your order from escentual.com. It comes with a blank doll, markers and stickers and when you finish your design, you can upload it to the site’s Facebook to win credits for the site. Escentual is a UK based beauty site.

*FREE Harajuku Lovers “Create a G” when you purchase any Harajuku Lovers fragrance.

* One Create a “G” per order.

Create your own fashion icon with this customisable “Create a G” cap. Included are markers and stickers that let you design your own one of a kind G!

Upload a photo of your finished G to Escentual’s Facebook page facebook.com/escentual to be in with the chance of winning £50 to spend at Escentual.com

If your order qualifies for a free gift, it will automatically be added to your basket.

2 Replies to “Harajuku Lovers “Create A G” Available As Free Gift From Escentual”

  1. this is awesome!! i wish i could make one that resembled me. every once in a while (for l.a.m.b. and hl reasons) i wish i was still in the uk.

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