Harajuku Lovers At UK's Habbo Today


When it’s slow with band news, there is always new Harajuku Lovers news!

Thanks to Stat! from the community, Harajuku Lovers are putting on a promotional display in UK’s Habbo store in which you can enter to win prizes such as a London shopping spree and a karaoke extravaganza!

The Harajuku Lovers girls, Baby, Love, Music, Lil’ Angel and, of course, G, are making themselves at home in Habbo with a brand new public hangout, group pages, events and prizes.

They have also launched the Harajuku Lovers Fashion Academy for all those who are up for the challenge – can you be a part of it?

The girls have brought their own essence to Habbo and brought the Harajuku flavour with them into the Harajuku Lovers Hub. The home of the Harajuku Lovers Fashionista Academy is the place to be to express your style.

The room launch is at 4pm TODAY! All those in the room at 4pm, 4.20pm and 4.40pm and 5pm will receive a special Harajuku badge!

Harajuku Lovers are giving away a London shopping and karaoke bonanza.

Click here to check out the group, where you can make your own little profile, games, chat, and more!

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  1. I love harajuku LOVERS i HAVE 37 Bags From Harajuku Lovers/Harajuku Mini and 17 perfumess i love gwen stafani i want to go to the harajuku lovers store

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