Exclusive Photos: New Harajuku Mini Line Available At Target Now

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WOW! Huge thanks to Shana for sending photos and the info into BSO, check out the brand new line of Harajuku Lovers accessories exclusively for Target — “Harajuku Minis”! This is newest stuff that has hit the stores (backpacks and messenger bags coming soon!) and is available now! The “nerd” themed items are super duper cute and feature all of the girls (G, Love, Angel, Music and Baby) and the office supplies come in binders, notebooks, folders and more. Below is a list of prices for the items and we will have more details on the bags (which apparently will be carried all year round — the accessories will change) soon!

5 folders with each girl: $1.00 each
2 3-ring binders (one with G on it, and one with all of the girls on it together): $5.00
1 composition notebook with Music on it: $2.50
1 notebook with G on it: $2.50

6 Replies to “Exclusive Photos: New Harajuku Mini Line Available At Target Now”

  1. I saw these today at the Target near my house. They had 3 different backpacks too. I just don’t get the cheeseburger logo. It is cute though

  2. I think the rasta cheeseburger logo is really cute, too. I wanna see the bags, hopefully I’ll be able to head to Target in the next couple days.

  3. Our store just set these last night; I was so excited when I came in and saw them! The back-to-school section is scheduled to set this week, so if you don’t see them yet don’t worry they will be out soon! Also, I heard that some back to school stuff is going to be on ad next week already. I’m not sure if these will be included, but it’s pretty likely since this will be the first ad week for back to school.

  4. I was super excited when I saw these at target. I bought one of each for my daughter. Unfortunately after one week of use they have completely fallen apart. Super sad that they would put something of this quality out with Gwen’s name on it.

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