Exclusive: Photos And Details Of “Space Age G” Harajuku Lovers Headphones

Thanks again to the amazing Kelly (who couldn’t resist buying another pair — can you blame her?) for sending in more photos to us! We announced yesterday that Target are selling new Harajuku Lovers headphones produced by Monster. There are three types available and range from $49-$79. Yesterday we posted photos and information on the least expensive ones (“Super Kawaii”) and today we are showing you the higher end “Space Age G” model. They look out of this world — no pun intended! These ones come with 5 clip-on body colors, retractable cord keeper, multiple eartop sizes and a hard compact case (versus the soft bag the “Super Kawaii” set comes with). Kelly tells us that they are worth the extra money and the sound is incredible.

We also updated the other post with a quick update about the availability of the headphones. Most Target stores have received them, but are not planning on stocking the floor with them until next week. So if you’ve already called (like me) or visited the store and did not see them, don’t be bummed! They will out soon for everyone.

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