EXCLUSIVE: Harajuku Lovers School Supplies Available At Target!

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Thanks so much to Donna for sending me over the info (love you!), but Target retailers are receiving a shipment of Harajuku Lovers school supplies for the fall! So far she knows that they will be getting in folders, pencil cases, and more! Photos will be coming soon! Check back! We are super excited!

6 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE: Harajuku Lovers School Supplies Available At Target!”

  1. school supplies should be set soon if not already… i’ll check with my former co-workers at target and see if i can get any info/pics!!

  2. Hey! will this might be to late but i already got all my school supplies that are of harajuku lovers and i got them at target. the folders where very cheapm like $0.99 and the notebooks where really pricey like $4.00 but o well

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