Exclusive: Harajuku Lovers message to us and new MySpace page

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Harajuku Lovers posted this on our YouTube page for everyone to check out!

Were really excited that the new website for Harajuku Lovers fragrance is up and running! On hlfragrance.com you can receive information about each of the fragrances, order a sample, meet the Harajuku Girls, make your own Harajuku Girls karaoke video, and visit the World of Harajuku Lovers. The Fragrances will be available in stores nationwide TODAY!

You can visit the official website at www.hlfragrance.com or find us on MySpace at www.myspace.com/harajukuloversfragrance

It looks like the MySpace page has just launched, since it doesn’t have any friends yet, and features a slideshow of pictures from the launch at Bloomingdales and downloads as well. You can also order your free sample from there and also check out the commercial!

The MySpace link has been added to the site.

They also just commented on my MySpace with this!

Awesome! Stay tuned for some fun things we have planned for MySpace.

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