Creative Campaigns From Coty: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

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Woah! This article from gives us insight on how popular is.



International fragrance com­pany Coty tapped interactive agency Syrup to create an inter­active Web site to promote the launch of fragrance line Hara­juku Lovers, which was designed in partnership with singer Gwen Stefani. A Harajuku is a Japanese girl known for creating unique fashion styles.


The Web site,, features a section dedi­cated to the “Harajuku Girl posse,” which encourages fans to record, upload and share videos of themselves singing karaoke to the Stefani song, “Harajuku Girls.” The videos are then instantly shared and made visi­ble to everyone visiting the Web site. The site also allows users to display their videos on social networking sites and download wallpapers for mobile devices.

“Online video creation and viewing was the central focus of this campaign,” said Rob Holzer, CEO of Syrup. The videos, he added, “kept people engaged and connected with the brand.”


The site, which launched in October, has had more than 2 million page views and 300,000 unique visitors. Facebook refer­rals account for 7% of the traffic. Harajuku Lovers launched as the No. 1 fragrance in the US.

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