Confirmed: New “Super G” Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Coming In July

Well it’s true! We posted the story late last month that it was rumored of a new fragrance, “Super G”, coming soon from Harajuku Lovers, after showing up on eBay. Good news cause we think it’s super cute! The fragrance is hitting stores at the end of July and and apparently smells like wild pinnaple and tangerine!

The Perfume Shop — We’ve got a very exciting exclusive preview for you all now. So, we know how much you love Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers collection and we can reveal that there’s soon to be a new addition – Super G!

Here’s a sneak peek for you! Available from 27th July … we love them too much!

Fragantica — Super G joins the cute Harajuku Girls perfume collection by Gwen Stefani. G represents Gwen, this time dressed as a super heroine. Super G is designed as sparkly and flirtatious cocktail of floral and fruity notes.

Juicy and exotic yellow pineapple opens the composition together with citrus splash of tangerine. The heart features yellow freesia enriched with banana juice. Warm musky notes are in the base, supplemented by sweet vanilla and raspberry.

Super G is a limited edition, available as 30 ml EDT. Super G was launched in 2011.

6 Replies to “Confirmed: New “Super G” Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Coming In July”

  1. hi happy to hear that the super g is being released have been surfing the net since i noticed the super g dior has everyone off the perfumes she is only 7 years old cant wait to get her this 1 thanks nelly diors mum xx

  2. My daughters name is Georgia and we have always called her G so she started her collection of harajuku perfumes and I cant wait to get her this one for her birthday!

  3. I love this perfume so much! I sampled it at Sephora, and it smelled so good! The only problem is that it takes me a loooong time to save up for it. Do u know how long it will be going on? If anybody knows, email me about it

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