Another Mystery Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “Kind”

It’s getting weirder! Another fragrance “Kind”, which was apparently released with the Harajuku Lovers fragrance Snow Bunnies line in the winter of 2009. These are so strange. It’s rumored that they were samples made but never made it to distribution and others are saying that they are fakes. Owners of the fragrances mention that the smell is different in them, but the bottles are just a little off to us. Private retailers are actually selling them online, like for US $28.37 – 32.58 a piece. They come from China, and the users rating isn’t that high. So, if you do plan to buy them, please proceed with caution. Thanks to Chloe and Victoria for sending in their photos.

2 Replies to “Another Mystery Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “Kind””

  1. I’m not believing in these! Because:
    – There seems to be, all of a sudden, more than one new bottle design at once
    – Nothing on etc
    – They’re only for the G bottles, not for Love, Lil’ Angel, Music or Baby
    – and there was a thing where you can create your own G bottle.

    so I don’t believe these are legit …. now watch me be wrong xD

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