19 thoughts on “This Is What the Truth Feels Like

    1. SO excited for this album! Gwen raw and untamed. She is an amazing writer and so beautiful. Gavin lost a lot here. Poor guy – he’s an idiot. She’s so much better off without him.

  1. the first three singles i heard… “spark, baby dont lie and war” need to be scrapped. ALSO i dont want pharell on this album. his influence on her music is tired and seems too
    desperate !!!like we want another $$$$hit. its not 2005. move on.
    please have tony writing with you on some tracks a la 4intheMorning. i hope its good. gx

    1. I don’t think she should scrap “Start A War” at all. Thematically it fits on the album, and it’s actually a great power ballad. Or at least she should release it as a bonus track. I need the studio version on my iPod lol
      About “Spark The Fire”, even though I love it, I agree that it shouldn’t be included, especially after changing the album direction.

      1. But its part of the songs written for her and she has stated she did not want those on the album. I doubt that will ever see the light of the day like so many other songs… a shame.

    2. I would like SAW to be a bonus track, but if it isn’t, that’s fine too. I’m okay with making more room for songs we haven’t heard yet.

      BDL and STF definitely should be left off. They are over a year old and people who want it have already purchased it.

  2. Jesus. Will there ever be another ND album? I’m tired of the glam pop princess she’s become. I love the girl who came from Anaheim and rocked the stage like a badass chick. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know she’s matured and grown as an artist. But, I’ve been an ND fan since the start. I’m just not a huge fan of the solo stuff. Just because her name is on it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  3. The album is fantastic! I would love to hear a studio version of StartAWar too but If she didn’t want to put it on the album is ok 🙂 We have sooooo many amazing songs here ♥
    It’s awesome to hear how she put her entire heart and feelings on this album.
    I’m so prouf of the result! Go, go, Gx!

  4. I love how this album is a “Fuck you” to Gavin but also a “Hey, I like you” to Blake as well. Love it! Love this album, Love Gwen!

  5. “Red Flag” is flawless and will join “Wind It Up” and “Spark the Fire” in my Holy Gwen song trinity! <3

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