YouTube Star Kandee Johnson Talks Makeup and More with Gwen

Makeup genius and YouTube star Kandee Johnson was able to sit down with Gwen prior to her Urban Decay launch event last month for an intimate interview. The two chatted about makeup, Gwen’s new eyeshadow palette and a few fun questions including what she loves to eat and her favorite movie. The whole interview is adorable and we would love to see these two together more!

Gwen talked about her makeup obsession which she’s has since she was a little girl. Gwen shares that she’s always wanted to create her own collection once she started designing but it just “never happened.” Gwen loved working with the Urban Decay team since they both come from the same place and have a similar aesthetic to hers. “It just seems like perfect timing now. Now it all makes sense why it didn’t happen until now.”

When creating the newly released eyeshadow palette (the first item from the UD | Gwen Stefani Collection), Gwen said she selfishly wanted to create shades that she would wear everyday. The hardest part during the process was her was editing down to 15 shades. “I don’t really wear a lot of color. I’m really not that adventurous.” Gwen credits her success and style over the years to the amazing people she’s met along the way that have inspired her.

On the packaging, Gwen said she wanted to create something that would define the collection and stray away from her other brands. She reveals that she’s been working with the UD team for about two years and really wanted to create a palette where every single shade would be worn.

Check out Kandee’s makeup tutorial video on one of Gwen’s iconic looks from the Rock Steady era above (which Gwen was referring to in the video). This interview was such a pleasure to see and you could tell how much they enjoyed being around each other — so cute!

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  1. What a funny interview! So nice to hear Gwen answering the questions. I hope they get to interview her again sometime.

  2. I would ask Gwen about her job selling makeup at the mall, back in the day in Fullerton or in Anaheim… So cool!

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