“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” Single Available Now

Gwen announced her fourth and debut holiday album You Make It Feel Like Christmas and the title single featuring Blake Shelton has dropped today! “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” is the second duet from Gwen and Blake and a perfect mix of classic doo-wop and holiday swing. The single is the lead track from Gwen’s upcoming holiday album under the same name releasing on Friday, October 6. A preorder for the album is available now and fans will receive an instant download of “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” once ordered.

While the track is relatively short, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” is great in the sense where it’s catchy and has the makings of a modern holiday classic. Once again Gwen and Blake’s vocals mesh together nicely and it’s a solid song that we could see being quite successful during the next few months. We could also see the pair taking advantage of The Voice this December with a festive performance.

“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” was co-written by Gwen, Blake Shelton, returning Truth contributor Justin Tranter, Busbee and produced by Eric Valentine. The single art is a play on the album’s cover and Gwen was photographed by Jamie Nelson.

Use the links below to purchase “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” and we encourage fans to stream and share the song as much as possible to support the single and Gwen!

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I want to thank the storm that brought the snow
Thanks to the string of lights that make it glow
But I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

It barely took a breath to realize
We’re gonna be a classic for all time
I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

Sweet gingerbread made with molasses
My heart skipped and I reacted
Can’t believe that this is happening
Like a present sent from God

Sleigh bells singing hallelujah
Stars are shining on us, too
I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

Thought I was done for, thought that love had died
But you came along; I swear you saved my life
And I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

Sweet gingerbread made with molasses
My heart skipped and I reacted
Can’t believe that this is happening
Like a present sent from God

Sleigh bells singing hallelujah
Stars are shining on us, too
I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

I never thought I’d find a love like this
But I found forever in that very first kiss
I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas
Oh, oh

I wanna thank you, baby
You make it feel like Christmas

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We think it may be too early to request on the radio but we can see stations picking up the single closer to the holidays!

What do you think of “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”?

Please vote in our poll below and tell us what you think of Gwen’s debut holiday single with Blake Shelton. We would love to hear everyone’s feedback on the song so please feel free to comment below with your thoughts!

51 Replies to ““You Make It Feel Like Christmas” Single Available Now”

  1. This song is terrible. If she goes country, my affair since 1994 will be over. Blake sounds TERRIBLE on this track, which is not surprising at all. I really hope the rest of the album is better and I wish this would have been placed as the last song so it would be easier to skip. Wow. Bad.

    1. If you don’t like Blake to begin with, then his vocal on this is going to grate for sure. More importantly, for me, HER vocal sounds great. The way I see this whole thing is that it’s a Christmas album we’re talking about, first and foremost, and therefore should be judged as such, i.e. vs. Xmas albums/songs from other artists, past and present. Of course I’d little to see her stamp her signature “Gwen-ness” on the project as a whole, but I do think this thing shouldn’t be judged that strictly against her past catalog (OTTW aside). That’s just my take on it. It’s like her Sesame Street track – I tend to treat that sort of thing as peripheral to her main body of work. So ditto here, for me. As a Christmas song, I do think this track works. It IS catchy and festive, with an easy to sing along hook, which I guess is the point of this sort of song. Is it brilliant? Probably not, having listened to it several times now, but it’s growing on me. To be filed in the Xmas (or Shefani) pile, not the No Doubt one.

  2. To all interested in helping the single’s chart placement:

    Hi all – I read this on a fan’s twitter, and it seems to make sense to me: If you have a little extra money to spare and want to help Gwen with the song’s chart placement, then please first buy the song as a single (separate from the album). Of course this means you’ll also get the song (again) when you order the album; getting the song via album purchase, however, apparently does not count toward’s Billboard’s calculation of the single’s chart position. If money is an issue, then by all means skip this suggestion, since it essentially means you’ll be paying extra for the song as a single that you’ll otherwise get just from ordering the album. Thanks!

  3. At the beginning he sounds terrible like campy using a heavy Southern accent.
    It gets better near the end. Honestly this sounds like it was recorded not in a sound studio like in a regular room. Then the music added later.
    I think he has been charged a lot with going Hollywood and Nashville has turned on him to a degree and he is overdoing that country twang.
    He sounds a lot better on songs when he does not do that.

    I bought a package from her site that include a t shirt, ornament , Christmas card a a limited edition white vinyl! I don’t even have anything to play it on but will be a collectors edition I think. So cool.
    There are a lot of different packages.
    Will buy another way too cause I don’t know if it’s from her site it counts in total albums sold.

    1. I take back what I wrote– lesson learned don’t write a review when I listened only once. I listened a couple more times and I really like it — it really grows on you quickly and Blake doesn’t sound as country as I thought he did and it is overall well done. Didn’t someone say they wanted like a big band sound? I hear a little of that in the background.
      Sorry Blake, I was hasty….great new Christmas song Gwen and Blake !

      1. I feel you! I got a country vibe at first but now after listening to it more — I don’t get country at all. It’s really sweet and I’m a sucker for Christmas music so I love it. I’m one of those weirdos that listen to Christmas music all year round. 🙂

          1. Totally agree. It’s very 60’s Motown pop, and also 80’s Brit-pop Motown revival. Have listened to it a ton now, and every time that beat starts, “Can’t hurry Love” comes to mind instantly. Absolutely cannot shake that. Horns sort of bring to mind Katrina and the Waves, and the whole thing also has a bit of that Wham “I’m Your Man” vibe. Note that all these songs have super happy feels in common, which is perfect for the holidays. This is a FUN song that hopefully will gain traction in the coming months. It’s a probably too early release, and the song (and the album too) is currently buried on iTunes. Should be at or near the top of pre-orders and any Gwen Stefani search, but it’s anything but >.< — someone should sort that pronto, or maybe they aren't too fussed simply because it is that early. Regardless, the one big positive for me is that after all these years, Gwen still has a strong ear and feel for a catchy pop hook. For many veteran songwriters, the well of inspiration tends to dry up over time, but TIWTTFL and now more new material so soon after bodes well for future output. I'm also pleased to hear her accompanied with real instruments and the more organic, traditional (non-trend-chasing) production evident here.

  4. It’s catchy, it’s festive and I can already see myself playing it to death while baking Christmas cookies in two months. I think they did well and I really don’t care about Blake being on it. I think ultimately it works really well as a Christmas song.

    I think it sounds very 60s pop-ish and not at all like a Country song.

  5. I love it! It’s such a sweet and fun sounding little Xmas tune! I also just realized that in gwens entire career this is the shortest time span she has released two new albums in. So yay for that! I hope we get a nice video for this song. I wonder how the promotion will go with it being released beginning of October I wonder if it will be held back until November

  6. Gwen left her ska roots totally on side to live the country fantasy of her boyfriend. This is sad. Where’s her personality? Where’s her originality? I hope she is happy with this new phase. But I miss that Gwen who floated between pop, ska, rock. Being a fan is not just praising all the time. But it is also to see that our idol commits career slips and makes bad choices sometimes.

      1. Okay, it’s not a country song. Right. But she’s living this fantasy. Gwen from 2 years ago would not even do that. Did she make an album? Okay, great! Her voice is beautiful and she is composing. I’m glad. But I expect more originality from her. She was always original in everything she did – albums, clothes, concerts – why is she losing it now? All interviews lately are always associated with Blake and the repetition of this becomes boring and tiresome.

        PS: Gwen used to be very discreet about her personal life.

        1. Gwen 2 years ago wouldn’t do this because she wasn’t happy and she had to keep Gavin’s skeletons locked in the closet. Gavin always hate her music and undervalued her why would she collaborate with him?
          This is Gwen we’re talking about, she always writes about her feelings and life. Tragic Kingdom are all about Tony, and other albums after that are mostly about Gavin. Why a shock now it’s about Blake? Sorry, I don’t get all the negativity.
          I think it’s great she’s inspired to write more and feel confident. 6 original songs in Christmas album is very rare, if she does it for money just cover bunch of classics and cash it like most people do. She needs to channel her creativity, hopefully she stay inspired and confident and maybe she can write with the boys in future.

      2. Except it is absolutely County. This will get zero play on any station but adult temporary (maybe) and country. For those of you saying this isn’t country, you’re confused.

          1. It doesn’t matter. It IS country. It’s like an old country song song the Motown era… but it doesn’t change that it is indeed country.

  7. @Alex: Nice read! thanks for posting. I agree, it’s just the perfect balance of high energy and festiveness. Personally, I just think it was a bit too early for this release. They should have released it on the 3rd week of October.

  8. Geesh guys don’t be so hard
    on this. It’s not going to be a Grammy winning opus for pete’s sake. I mean this a CHRISTMAS SONG! Not a solo/ND song! It’s like writing for a soundtrack. And Christmas music is SUPPOSED to be cheesy (hello? classic songs are about flying reindeer and snowmen who talk). I love it!

    1. Exactly! Some people are overreacting. I don’t like Blake at all and even I embraced this. Lighten up. This is supposed to be a fun and cheesy project. Just wait for her music video. Ahah!

      1. I hope there isn’t one. I also hope she releases another single along side this crap that will Be radio friendly on all platforms. The song is terrible, you can say it.

  9. Maybe people don’t realize that the Gwen from 2 years ago was unhappy? This is the first time She seems to be truly loved and she’s not a girl anymore. If she’s living the fantasy she’s always wished, great! Her life!

  10. Also to add, Kelly Clarkson did Christmas album few years ago, after her Grammy album Stronger. Out of 15 songs she had 5 originals, all about her husband and new life. It fits the narrative of happines and cheesy of course plus diversity of genre you can go to in an album that she won’t be able to do in her solo album. It was really different with all her solo albums even her label then were quite strict. It did incredibly well, her Christmas single still being played every holiday season. She moved on to her solo albums after that. I’m hoping for similar trajectory for Gwen.

  11. This song gets better with every listen. The brass/ horn section is great. I already feel like this is a classic. Brilliant marketing to get ahead on other holiday albums. Stores will have it on their holiday playlists to put shoppers in upbeat moods and stay longer. It begs for a choreographed dance routine on some Christmas special or used in a holiday movie.
    Well done Interscope and Gwen!

  12. Poll’s results (for now):

    I love it! 49.67% (76 votes)
    It needs to grow on me. 13.07% (20 votes)
    Not a fan. 37.25% (57 votes)

    Total Votes: 153

  13. Let’s be clear, this song isn’t country. The only country aspect to this track is Blake’s dumb accent. The track itself and Gwen’s vocals resemble “The Sweet Escape” with the horns and “Make Me Like You” with the light guitar. It’s not a country song…imagine Gwen singing it solo. (I wish this were the case because there weren’t enough of her vocals on this song.) Anyway, though I didn’t love this song at first, it is really a good song after a few listens.
    In terms of the album, my dream sound for the tracks is to have one similar to “Rainbow Connection”, one resembling “Hard 2 Love”, one resembling a mixture of Kylie Minogue’s “Every Day’s Like Christmas” and “Send Me A Picture”, and one resembling Gwen’s cover of “Almost Blue.” Those would be amazing. Love her vocals on those songs.

  14. This definitely isn’t a country song. It’s a doo-wop song. What makes it sound country is simply Blake’s accent. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of this album is doo-wop. Have you seen the cover!? So vintage. So cute.

    1. Yeah I agree. Some fans are labelling it country only because of Blake’s vocal style. But sonically the song isn’t country at all lol

  15. I see this song becoming a Christmas classic. So upbeat and needed now.
    I see where Justin Timberlake is doing the Super Bowl show. He would be crazy not to bring Gwen on especially since they did that song together. She could be one of several featured guests. I just don’t see him carrying that show himself. No one knows how to engage a crowd like Gwen.

    1. Gwen solo doing the Super Bowl is long-overdue as well. She could even bring the guys for a song together as No Doubt. That would be killer!

  16. I’ve posted the link to the preview on iTunes NZ, but I think it’s under approval… Loving the 60s feel. Now the album artwork starts to make more sense. It’s definitely a throwback.

    1. I generally don’t like that song at all, but I love it so much sung by Gwen! Reminds me of “You’re the Boss” and “Almost Blue.” Track production and vocals are stellar. All around love it!!!

  17. Love, love “Santa Baby”. A lot of you wanted her to cover this, and you were right! Her vocal on this is spot-on cutesy/sexy/sultry, yet crystal clear and crisp. Love the string section. Gwen + Strings = Perfection. (Think: “Almost Blue”, etc.) Where YMIFLC was retro 60’s, for me this one’s a lot more reminiscent of the 40’s, early 50’s. With the album cover, the now-deleted Busbee Instagram clip (White Christmas) + the two early release tracks, I think we can pretty much expect a classic, old-timey, retro-nostalgic vibe for the album as a whole — very cool! Can’t wait to receive the white vinyl I ordered. The crackles and pops on the platter and the adjacent fireplace are so gonna enhance the holiday listening experience!

    Alex’s subjective grades (thus far):

    “You Make it Feel Like Christmas” — 7.5/10 ( +0.5 for being an original composition/-0.5 for Blake’s presence on the track, LOL =)
    “Santa Baby” — 8.5/10 (provisional grade/-0.5 for being a cover, otherwise 9/10).

    1. And your description perfect! This song – Glitter Gwen’s version is everything! The old school vibe, simple, pure, but sexay.
      I could not love it more and will play it constantly. So glad I ordered the white vinyl. This is getting expensive coz now I need Santa to bring me something to play it on. Never too early for Christmas to begin this way. I can think of several singers who wish they had come up with this brilliant idea– they will be green– and the roll out of this album has been brilliant too.
      Didn’t mind waking up in the nite and hearing this.
      Merry Christmas to us!

    2. I agree. I’m a sucker for anything with the Andrews Sisters and “Santa Baby” reminds me of that. I love classic holiday music from the 40s-60s so I am in Heaven so far.

  18. Hey Jenny I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful site. I have been checking in for years to see what’s going on with the band. I just heard Loveable today, and was wondering if you knew any way to purchase it in the US? Thank you in advance!

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