‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ Releasing Oct. 6

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Christmas is coming early! Today Gwen announced that her fourth and debut holiday album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, is dropping on October 6! The surprise announcement came months after she shared that she had been working on new music that she planned on releasing later this year.

You Make It Feel Like Christmas features six original holiday songs including “My Gift Is You”, “When I Was a Little Girl”, title track “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” featuring Blake Shelton, “Under The Christmas Lights”, “Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes Before You” and “Christmas Eve”. From earlier publishing sources, we know that Gwen co-wrote all of her original tracks with Justin Tranter and producers Busbee and Eric Valentine.

The album also includes six traditional and classic holiday tracks featuring “Jingle Bells”, “Let It Snow”, “Silent Night”, “Last Christmas”, “Santa Baby” and “White Christmas”. We’re really looking forward to hearing her takes on some of our personal favorites!

We’re also really digging the 60s’ style cover art — especially the old-school album motif with the song titles listed on the side. Gwen reunited once again with photographer Jamie Nelson for the cover shoot. The album’s title play on Gwen’s previous This Is What the Truth Feels Like is clever, too.

Gwen Tweeted out the announcement and a preview clip this morning and shared that a preorder for the album starts today. Fans will also be able to download the first single and title track with Blake Shelton, “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”, tonight. The song has been slowly trickling out to parts of the world and has been generating positive buzz among fans.

Preorder bundles and gifts have been added to the newly launched GwenStefani.com including holiday cards, bracelets, coffee mugs and tees.

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Check out the full tracklisting for You Make It Feel Like Christmas below.

Gwen Stefani – You Make It Feel Like Christmas
1. Jingle Bells
2. Let It Snow
3. My Gift Is You (Original)
4. Silent Night
5. When I Was a Little Girl (Original)
6. Last Christmas
7. You Make It Feel Like Christmas (feat. Blake Shelton) (Original)
8. Under the Christmas Lights (Original)
9. Santa Baby
10. White Christmas
11. Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You (Original)
12. Christmas Eve (Original)

19 Replies to “‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ Releasing Oct. 6”

    1. I think it leaked… It’s only available for purchase in some countries like NZ or AUS. Tonight it will be available everywhere.

  1. I knew she wouldn’t mess this up! I love the song! The album cover could be a bit more original imho, but overall it’s really festive.

    I’m ready for GX-mas lol.

    1. My first thought when I saw the cover was Target? Which would be fine if there was a collaboration with them and they were going to promote it like her other album, but I don’t think it is.
      Anyway, it is festive but I would like this for an inside cover and another one for the outside.
      I do like the mix of new and traditional and am excited for this!

  2. Never thought I’d like a duet with Blake, but I think this one works. It’s a very enjoyable song. I can see this being big if promoted right.

    1. This was a surprise, I was expecting a ballad but think this was the way to go and can’t wait to hear all if it.
      It is rare to have new Christmas songs so kudos to them for working on this earlier in the year and I think being the first to drop this season. Of course there will probably be a lot of artists trying to rush one together now, like there was several break up albums that followed her highly personal and original one.

  3. To all interested in helping the single’s chart placement:

    Hi all – I read this on a fan’s twitter, and it seems to make sense to me: If you have a little extra money to spare and want to help Gwen with the song’s chart placement, then please first buy the song as a single (separate from the album). Of course this means you’ll also get the song (again) when you order the album; getting the song via album purchase, however, apparently does not count toward’s Billboard’s calculation of the single’s chart position. If money is an issue, then by all means skip this suggestion, since it essentially means you’ll be paying extra for the song as a single that you’ll otherwise get just from ordering the album. Thanks!

    1. ^ Of course the song still counts for the Billboard. It’s a single after all. Anyway you can buy the single on other platforms, such as Amazon or Google Play. I only have iTunes so I had to pre-order the album.

  4. I like it! I enjoy it..

    I don’t think we should worry about chart performance right now.. The album and song will only start momentum in November. Only hard core fans will be listening to her Xmas songs right now.
    And album promotion will probably only start in November, too. Maybe a few interviews on talk shows in October tho.

  5. So now there is no content on her website at all other than the Christmas album? You can’t find any of her other music or any of the content that was on the website before…hmmm, is this what people normally do?

    1. I think it is transferring to another site that is handling the sale of this album. When I bought mine and checked back the next day I felt like that was the case. The price changed from the first nite when I bought the package to the next day.
      Anyway I think it will be her original site after this initial pre- sell.

  6. Hi all – Just listened to preview clips on iTunes for the entire album and having listened to each clip about 5-6 times, I’m happy to report that there’s a LOT here to like, with a little something for everyone. I’m thinking even some of the perennial cynics are going to be surprised how good some of the songs are. I’m pumped to hear the whole thing, and I’m writing this as someone who does celebrate Christmas, but has never actually entertained the thought of ever buying a Christmas album ( until recently that is =) … Here are my preliminary thoughts/grades on the 6 original songs (to be revised later, upon hearing the album in full):

    The Originals:

    1. “When I was a Little Girl” (9.5/10)
    It’s perhaps a tad ironic that the second most “country” sounding song on the album is also the most 80’s — new wave-lite — sounding, and also the most Gwen-like in comparison to her cannon. (It’s also arguably the most modern sounding track on what is essentially a retro-themed holiday album.) The vocal here is near-perfect-brilliant, with clipped signature Gwen sing-speak on the verse and beautiful sustained notes in the chorus, and the production just stellar — crisp, clear, yet warm (something I find unfortunately eluded much of the production on TIWTTFL). I tend to be partial to Gwen’s balladry, but I honestly did not expect to find a ballad this good tacked on to this Xmas project. By “tacked on”, I’m alluding to the fact this is one of two tracks (the other being “Blues Eyes”) that could happily exist on a regular, non-seasonal album. So, if it is to be a single (and it should be, imo), there would/should be no hurry releasing it before Xmas. It could even work as a great New Year’s single, and I could see girls (and boys) of all ages tearing up at least a little to this. For ND fans, the track works as a neat bookend companion to “Just a Girl”, or if we go all the way back to the beginning, then “Sometimes”. For me, not only is this track the best of the originals (and all of them are good to great), it’s the crown jewel of the entire album. Letter grade: A+.

    2. “Christmas Eve” (9/10)
    Hymnal, with soaring vocals over stirring strings and a muted backing choir. The theme of healing is personal yet universal, and thus, so, so pertinent to these troubled times. Again, the vocal here is balladeer Gwen at the peak of her prowess, and once again proves (to those who don’t already know) that she can absolutely nail a traditional vocal. Album-wise, as an original, this is the spiritual companion to her equally excellent “Silent Night” cover. The closing songs of each ND/Gwen album are particularly significant, so it’s no surprise here that this is the song that closes the album. It’s perhaps also no surprise that this is the track Blake has chosen to “borrow” from Gwen and record his own version, which also happens to close his Xmas album extended re-issue I can see this being a Christmas hit for either or both of them. I can also see this being performed as a duet on an NBC “Gwen & Blake Christmas Special” in December, haha-hohoho! :p Come to think of it, there aren’t that many Christmas Eve songs out there, even though the eve is arguably as important as the day itself. So yay for that. Letter grade: A.

    3. “My Gift is You” (8/10)
    The 3rd song on the track-list is for me where the album truly kicks to life, which is really saying something for this original tune, given the two holiday faves that precede it. Both verse and chorus are super-radio friendly. Compositionally, the vibe is predominantly 60’s, but is that a hint of country in the chorus I hear in the way she rhymes/intonates “best friend” with “back again” and “don’t need a thing” with “wedding ring”? Again, another great vocal from Gwen, and I love the production, which is somewhat reminiscent of late 70’s/early 80’s Adult Contemporary Pop/R&B, a la Randy Crawford. The aforementioned wedding ring line (“I don’t even need a wedding ring”) is sure to set tongues a-wagging for all sorts of reasons. Another potential single? Letter grade: B+.

    4-6. “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”, “Under the Christmas Lights”, “Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You” (7.5/10)
    A trio of solid, catchy, mid-tempo bops. YMIFLC might marginally be the best of the lot (though Blake for me does nothing to elevate the track, rather the opposite). UTCL features the best vocal of the three (she sounds almost MJ-like in the verse — a good thing!) and the chorus is super sing-along, but the horns (which I love on the album overall) are overdone here, especially in the super annoying instrumental break before the bridge. The horns are almost as grating on “Blue Eyes”, which again mars an otherwise fine song. The horns here also remind me of another song that I can’t quite pin down (anyone gets this too?). It’s one of two or three songs on the album that lean just a wee bit “country”, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that said, it did bother me more on this track than the other too (“Little Girl”, “My Gift is You”). Btw, I don’t think it’s an accident that YMIFLC and UTCL immediately follow “Last Christmas” on the album. Both give me Wham vibes and boast insanely catchy Wham-like choruses. If George were alive, I would’ve loved to have had him feature on the chorus of the latter (which would have been infinitely more exciting than Blake’s feature on the former). Letter grade for all three: B.

    p.s. – “Silent Night” and “Santa Baby” are the best of the covers, for me. Each vocally stunning in their own way. “Last Christmas” and “White Christmas” are both fine, if unremarkable. I’m okay that the latter isn’t a ballad (the Busbee sneak peek clip prepared me for that), but I really did want the former to be re-imagined as an acoustic ballad (to distinguish it completely from the original). The first two album tracks, I could have honestly done without, but I’m sure others may feel differently. Preliminary overall album grade: 8/10 (B+).

    1. Thanks, Alex. I always appreciate the time you take to analyze and share your thoughts. I have the same impression so far and it’s such a delightful album and addition to her catalog.

  7. Can’t wait to get the deluxe edition with the 24 page book. It seems that it will also be available in Europe soon. Just found a couple of sites. Thanks for sharing some pics, Jenny.

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