‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ Available Now!

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It’s here! Gwen Stefani’s fourth solo and debut holiday album You Make It Feel Like Christmas is now available worldwide.

You Make It Feel Like Christmas is an unexpected and delightful surprise from Gwen which features six classic covers and six original holiday tracks that may soon become staples on their own. Gwen collaborated again with This Is What the Truth Feels Like songwriter Justin Tranter and for the first time with genre-crossing writer/producer Busbee for the album. The album credits also reveal that You Make It Feel Like Christmas was executive produced by Gwen herself along with Busbee. Eric Valentine also served as producer and was mixed by Dave Clauss at Lula Recording in New Jersey.

Photo courtesy of Interscope

Being huge fans of holiday music previously, we have secretly been hoping for an album like this either from No Doubt or Gwen herself and we were not disappointed. Her mix of traditional and unique flair shine through on all of the covers — especially standouts like “Last Christmas” and “Santa Baby”. The tone of the album may be more mellow than most fans are used to from Gwen and her vocals are nothing short of spectacular on tracks like “Silent Night” and “Jingle Bells”.

Photo courtesy of Interscope

When Gwen shared that she had been working on new music earlier this year after just releasing Truth in 2016, fans were encouraged by her inspiration and excitement was already bubbling for what she had planned next. Gwen announced You Make It Feel Like Christmas late last month and it’s great to see six new and original songs on the album which features another notable and buzz-worthy duet with muse and beau Blake Shelton. The title single has been mostly a hit with critics and the fan community and is a perfect mix of modern doo-wop and holiday swing which blends well into the album’s sound. Strings and horn arrangements can be heard throughout which harken back to the classic ’60s sound of The Supremes and The Ronettes.

Even though You Make It Feel Like Christmas feels like a traditional holiday album for the most part, Gwen didn’t shy away from her personal voice. Her lyrics throughout on her original songs are honest with love, truth and faith being an integral theme. Songs like “Christmas Eve” and “When I Was a Little Girl” are really touching and her delivery is as strong as ever.

Photo courtesy of Interscope

As well as executive producing and co-writing, Gwen also served as Creative Director for the album. She teamed with photographer Jamie Nelson again and the album’s artwork features Gwen all glammed up in festive gowns with a vintage feel throughout. The classic tinsel Christmas tree and old-fashioned wrapping paper motif (provided by Hallmark Archives) is fitting and seeing little Apollo by her side in one of the main shots is adorable. Gwen dedicated the album to her three boys and wished everyone a Merry Christmas with a kiss.

Photo courtesy of Interscope

You Make It Feel Like Christmas is a slightly different direction for Gwen but her takes on Christmas classics and holiday-inspired tracks is something right on track for her personally. She feels like she’s in such a positive space with her family and career and we’re incredibly proud of her. The album is solid and we’re excited for the unique opportunities and promotional buzz that the era could bring.

Photo courtesy of Interscope


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You Make It Feel Like Christmas Track Listing and Lyrics

Jingle Bells (cover) / Let It Snow (cover) / My Gift Is You / Silent Night (cover) / When I Was a Little Girl / Last Christmas (cover) / You Make It Feel Like Christmas / Under the Christmas Lights / Santa Baby (cover) / White Christmas (cover) / Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes Before You / Christmas Eve




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Make sure to pick up the album and check out a sneak peek at the Target exclusive edition available now that features a hardcover booklet including personal family holiday photos as well as Gwen in the studio recording and on photoshoots for the album.

24 Replies to “‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ Available Now!”

  1. I am not a fan of xmas music but really got into this album. Gwen put her own twist on the classic covers (Love Last Xmas, the George Michael’s cover) and I digged her original songs as well. Favs are: When I was a Girl (so good, touching, sad, hopeful, and happy), My Gift is You (just a happy song), and Christmas Eve (this song brought up mixed emotions depending on mood, has potential to be a classic).

    What I really loved about this album is that it has a Gwen twist and how the production has a classic and jazzy old school feel to it, that really showcases her voice well. While this is a Christmas theme album, some of the songs are not just restricted to xmas, as it’s about love, faith, and being happy.

    This album just makes me want Gwen to do an acoustic album in the future. Busbee looks like he will be a good collab again.

    FYI some errors in your post
    Truth debuted in 2016, not 2015
    Gwen dedicated the album to her three boys and wished every a Merry Christmas with a kiss. (think you meant “everyone” not every.

  2. Only was able to have a quick listen so far but it is very impressive and comparing it to other Christmas albums even by well know outstanding singers, I can’t think of any I would skip thru as I do with these other artists. The other artists pack there’s with mostly all typical carols.
    Maybe the only one she couldn’t do much different with is Silent Night, cause that it is what it is but I understand it’s inclusion.
    Bravo for the musical arrangements, her voice and renditions, the backup singers and the old school, sometimes big band, with some sentimentality, fun and creativity.
    I’m sure I will have more to add with more listens but I say this is destined a holiday classic, and it begs to be played at everyone’s Christmas parties!
    One last thing, I read tweets last from her international fans such as from Turkey, who heard it before us, and they were saying even tho they didn’t celebrate Christmas they were buying it and loved it.

    1. Ha! You’re talking about us! Yep we loved it and also it was #8 on overall iTunes chart. ( I saw a screenshot from when it was #7 too actually.) I shared it on our Twitter account and Gwen RT’ed it today! Lucky me! 😀
      I made a quick search on Twitter among Turkish fans/people, and saw couple comments like I’m reading newspapers with listening to Gwen Stefani’s Xmas album today, and stuff 🙂

      1. I know shout out to her fans from Turkey–congrats to you on the re- tweet!
        So happy when I saw the positive tweets cause we could not patiently wait to hear it when it came out here.

  3. I was hopeful for this project after seeing the quirky album cover and hearing the festive 60’s inspired lead single, but I’m disappointed there aren’t more upbeat songs and she has all but forgotten her unique vibrato.

    My Gift Is You – 4/5 – I was happy to hear the line “I don’t even need a wedding ring.” It’s nice to see Gwen’s personal growth through this song. Remember how she obsessed she was with marrying Tony and Gavin? Now she believes what matters is love and honesty. Good for her!

    You Make It Feel Like Christmas – 4/5 – I’m glad this was the lead single as it is the most festive original track of the album. What prevents me from giving it a 5 is I wish there was a version with JUST Gwen. Blake has a nice voice, but I’m just not a country fan.

    When I Was a Little Girl – 4/5 – deeply personal, makes me sad how her bad marriage shattered her dreams.

    Christmas Eve – 4/5 – she’s so vulnerable on this track. Almost brought a tear to my eye. I could see this being a 2nd single.

    Jingle Bells – 5/5 – a bit of vibrato, upbeat, festive, classic…exactly what I love!

    Santa Baby – 2/5 – I’m not a fan of this song no matter who sings it. Gwen’s take is tolerable though. Probably the only version I’ll ever listen to 🙂

    Last Christmas – 2/5 – I hate the original song and while Gwen’s version is an improvement, it’s still one that I will end up skipping. Nothing personal G 😉

    Let It Snow & White Christmas – 3/5

    Silent Night – 1/5 – I’m not sure how this one made the album. She sounds flat. She just doesn’t have the vocal range for this beautiful classic song.

    Under the Christmas Lights & Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You – 1/5 – the lyrics are cringeworthy.

    I wish she would have done Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock. My views on this album may change when Xmas season is actually here and it’s not 70 degrees out. Haha! This should have been released in early November. I assume it was released early because this is a slow release week and she will have a better shot of charting well. I’m looking forward to upcoming videos and promo. Maybe a tv special?? Mini-tour?

  4. I really hope she releases Christmas eve as a single or does some live performances of it. It seems to be the most universally liked song off the album. I love most of the original songs, except for Under the Christmas Lights (who even approved this song for the album!) I actually also love her covers of Santa Baby and Last Christmas. Please Gwen, no Blake song performances! I don’t mind the relationship but it’s frustrating when her best vocal performances get sidelined for the happier/relationship songs and no one gets to hear Gwen at her best. That was the problem with TIWTFL too. The single choices were possibly the most ordinary songs on the album.

  5. I am obsessed with this album! I’m glad she released it early cause no other female artist need bother to release theirs. If I had one ready to release and heard this I would shelve mine cause it could not compare. It’s pretty close to perfection at all musical levels. Do y’all know how many ordinary Christmas albums there are where every song is a traditional carol? I lost track of how many she wrote on this. The only negative and it’s slight is, maybe the number of carols. But I see where she dedicated it to her precious kids so I’m sure she wanted jingle bells and snow.

  6. What I wish were on it:

    This Christmas
    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Baby It’s Cold Outside– begs to be sung by Gwen

    1. I love “This Christmas”, too. That would have been a great cover and would have blended well with the horns.

  7. I wish the covers were different. I would have preferred The Christmas Song, HYAMLC, Run Run Rudolph and Baby Its Cold Outside over Silent Night (snooze fest), White Christmas (forgettable cover), and Let it Snow (again forgettable). I’ll keep Jingle Bells cause it adds some much needed fun to the album and Santa Baby cause its so Gwen. Last Christmas is decent she didn’t really take it anywhere new for me I wish she did a more uptempo version.

    I love You Make It Feel Like Christmas and When I Was A Little Girl those are my fave tracks. Christmas Eve is good but I don’t get the hype it doesn’t sound like it could be a christmas classic to me. I’d say she should release My Gift Is You as the second single after proper promo for YMIFLC. Underneath The Christmas Lights is cute, I like the verses though the lyrics are cheesy. Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes is pretty cringey- yeah she can keep that one.

  8. Just an fyi I ordered the bundle cd and shirt and the shirt is HUGE the graphic is gigantic. I doubt I will wear it as it looks so silly. Best way I can describe it is her head starts about 2 inches from the neck of the shirt and goes all the way to the bottom of the shirt. It would be great as a poster but for a tshirt it looks strange.

    Disappointed I spent my money on it. P.s. Old school No Doubter here been a fan since 96! Wish I would’ve spent my money on the booklet or mug instead 🙁

  9. This album has a great concept, it’s pulled off well, and you can really hear the uniqueness of Gwen’s voice. “When I Was A Little Girl” needs way more credit. So raw and sad. It’s definitely some of her best work. It’s a holiday song, but it could easily not be. The lyrics and melody have a beautiful relationship and I love it.

  10. Is there any chart predictions in? I would hope it will at least debut #1 on the billboard holiday albums chart and a top 25 debut on the billboard 200.

  11. Also she needs to release “My Gift Is You” as the second single- its the highest charting new song after YMIFLC

  12. All the songs I wish she included:

    What Are You Doing New Years Eve
    The Christmas Song ( Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire )
    Baby it’s Cold Outside
    Give Love on Christmas Day
    This Christmas
    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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