Yahoo’s Tips for a Quick DYI Gwen Costume

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With Halloween coming up, Yahoo! has put together a list of 8 last-minute DYI costumes including a classic take on Gwen’s look from the “Spiderwebs” video. And it’s pretty brilliant!


Gwen Stefani From No Doubt’s “Spiderwebs” Music Video

I most fondly remember Gwen Stefani as the pony-tailed, bondage pant-wearing girl stomping and skanking around like the ska band singer she was. Now a mom, fashion mogul and certified pop star, Gwen has had countless looks, but none as signature as this one!

What you need:

– White tank top, cut short (Target, $2.00 for one)

– Iron-on transfer paper (Staples, $10.00 for pack)

– An iron

– A computer printer

– Plaid pants. I happened to have a pair of plaid, but any red, orange, purple, dark green pants would work. You can also try colored Dickies that you can buy at an army supply store. But I’m sure you can find someone to borrow from! (Don’t spend more than $25.00)

– Black suspenders for the bondage straps. You also use black ribbon, skinny neckties, an old black t-shirt cut into long strips, etc. Use that noggin! (Forgo if you have to buy)

– Leather punk bracelets (Forgo if you have to buy)

– Black or dark-colored bra

– Lace-up boots like Doc Martens. Regular boots, Converse or Vans work too. For the love of Kingston, no flip flops!

Materials for Makeup Look:

– Red lipstick (Drug store, $2.50)

– Small silver rhinestones (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $2.00)

– Eyelash glue (Drug store, $2.00)

– Black eyeliner (Drug store, $1.00)

How to make:

Step 1: Print out “GWEN” in an Old English font or similar onto your transfer paper according to itsinstructions. How convenient, I have one you can print out right here.

Step 2: Cut the tank top enough to show your belly. Gwen is the abs queen after all! Feel free to draw a six pack on your stomach with eyeliner.

Step 3: Iron on “GWEN” into the tank top according to instructions. Let it cool.

Step 4: Hair = ponytail + bangs. I have long hair, but no bangs, so I fashioned a faux bang using a retro roll technique. It’s not the easiest thing to do and you need hairspray, lots of bobby pins and a curling iron. Forgo the bangs completely and just pull your hair back into a ponytail if you’re pressed for time, or try a little front pouf. If you don’t have hair long enough for a ponytail, you can make a fake one attaching a bundle of yellow ribbons/paper strips to a plastic headband. You’ll have to figure that out yourself.

Step 5: As for makeup, keep your brows thin and arched, do a cat eye with black eyeliner and a red lip. Gwen has a rhinestone in the center of her bottom lashes, so use a tiny dab of eyelash glue to adhere a rhinestone under each eye. She also wears a bindi, but I have no clue where to buy one last minute, so I just glued two rhinestones next to each other vertically between my eyebrows.

Step 6: Put it all on! Layer the tank top over the black bra with the straps showing. Clip the suspenders/ribbons/fabric strips to your belt or belt loops so they hang down. Put on leather bracelets and/or cuffs, add a black leather belt if you choose, put on your boots or sneakers and you’re set!

Crank it up: To add a spooky aspect to the costume, staple/tape/clip some fake spider web cotton all over your body. Find a phone handset with curly cord and tie the cord to your belt loop. Now you’re literally walking into spider webs—leave a message!


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