Yahoo Live Streaming Gwen’s Tour Opener in Mansfield Jul. 12 (Updated)

Photo courtesy of LiveNation
Photo courtesy of LiveNation

Yahoo and LiveNation are teaming up and hosting a full live-stream of Gwen’s opening show in Mansfield, Massachusetts next Tuesday, July 12! The one-time-only stream will be available exclusively to watch on which kicks off at 8:00PM EST/5:00PM PST. We feel extremely lucky and surprised by the announcement and it will be a nice treat to fans who are not able to make it out to the tour.

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  1. That’s perfect! I was really hoping for a DVD of this tour, but then again they filmed TSE tour and nothing was released, so that way I will be able to watch it.
    I always wondered how ND and Gwen (solo) always recorded their travels and concerts and kept to themselves as record of their careers, can you imagine the tons of footage they have from all their promo tours and live shows?

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that remembers she didn’t release that TSE one. Did that one have to be downloaded or something? I adore Gwen. I also heard something really random and sad. I had just attended a show from the TSE tour. It was in Stockton CA uuugh. Riding the bus home, and the bus driver mentions that he knew one of the stage crew. He goes on to say that the guy was arrested for photographing gwen in her dressing room. Yeah I loathed every minute I had to live in that city. It’s crazy cause when gwen came on stage after rocking it, she told us all our fire and enthusiasm changed her mood to good. She really is such a blessed artist. She’s so open to her fans. Anywho, anyone know where I can get my hands on TSE dvds?

  2. Daaamn first she’s not touring Europe at all and now I can’t even watch this livestream cause I’ll be at work at that time. I hope somebody can record this so it’s still available to watch afterwards.

  3. If BSO does not RIP, be sure that Fabio from EIT will do it. In fact, let me bug him about it!! LOL

  4. I kinda don’t wanna watch it so it can be a better experience when i see her oct15 but i know im ganna watch it anyway lol

    1. I am going to this show too and I actually have two 4th row tickets I’m trying to get rid of but nobody is buying them!

  5. That’s incredible! This is the show I’m going to I’ll be in the pit and I have a problem with enjoying the show and not recording it bc I want to have it for later, so hopefully I can download it. I can’t believe I’ll be seeing her so soon!

  6. Hm… I really don’t want to be all negative again, but why on earth do they stream the show with the most empty seats? Mansfield is about 30% sold… Gwen will basically perform in front of empty seats. That will look so bad.

    1. That’s terrible that it isn’t sold out. I don’t understand. Well the people at are going will just have to make her ears bleed!

    2. Maybe the streaming is a way to catch attention to the tour and create more interest for the coming shows, in a attempt to sell more tickets.

      1. Yeah I guess that’s the plan. I think it is highly questionable if a live stream of an empty arena will be good promo, though…

    3. Of course they’ll be careful with the audience shots. They’re professionals. Besides, she has Sophie Muller, what are you worried about?
      Off-topic, I went to Lady Gaga’s Art Rave in Lisbon and it was 30% full, you could walk around to each stage (she had several), it was stupid. Still, it was a great concert… It’s no big deal, guys. Happens to the best.

    4. I get the genuine concern over this issue and hate to be the resident fact-checker here, but that 30% figure seems to be either out of date or it perhaps doesn’t take into account all ticketed areas of the venue. I’ve just looked at today’s map (LiveNation, assuming their maps are true and accurate) and I’m seeing more like double that amount sold, so maybe 55% sold if you’re a glass-half-empty personality type, or as much as 70% sold, if you’re more like me. 🙂

      But don’t just take my word for it. Being in possession of the facts usually means having to verify them for yourself. So if you go directly to the LiveNation web-site and click on the map for the venue and then zoom in real close, you can see the actual seats sold and unsold – right down to individual seats. This should take you all of 5 minutes, 10 at the most, and will give you a fairly precise idea of the ticketing situation, which has been changing on a day-to-day basis.

      55-70% if still FAR from sold out, so all the observations about being careful with the crowd shots are still completely relevant. The spread is very empty on the sides, but centrally it is more than okay. She has sold well for the three most central sections, 2 tiers deep. It’s also not unheard of that they’ll “allow” some movement from the lawn to the nosebleed seats during or immediately after the opening act, or from GA to fill up the sides, particular when there is filming involved.

      [ Disclaimer: The rest of this post is for those who would like to know how I came up with a 55-70% figure, but don’t feel like leaving this site or searching LiveNation, etc., which is understandable. If, however, you’re personally turned off by potentially “confusing” or “alienating” details – and that’s okay, everyone is different – you may want to stop reading from this point forward, thank you! 🙂 ]

      This venue has a capacity of 19,900 – 7,000 lawn seats, 7,000 reserved seating, 5,900 GA (including the pit). Again, the show definitely isn’t sold out by any means, but here is what I’m seeing from the map: 1.) She has sold out the lawn [= 7,000 of the cheapest tix, which btw is already more than 30% of the venue’s capacity]. 2.) She has sold out approx. 80% or more of the 1st tier [closest to the stage, just behind and around the pit = 80% of the most expensive tix, incl. M&G etc.] 3.) She’s selling poorly on the 2nd tier, mainly because of unsold tix on the large extreme left and right sections of the tier. The middle 3 sections are approx. 65% sold [center section is 85% sold]. Overall, the 2nd tier is maybe 30-35% sold. 4.) 3rd tier, nosebleed seating, is approx. 40-50% sold. 5.) GA areas including pit have no individual seating, but are block color-coded medium blue, which could indicate as little as 20% sold or as much as 80% sold. So, let’s average that out and say 50% of 5,900 sold = 2,950.

      30% of 19,900 = approx 6,600 total tickets sold. But if the map is to be believed, she has sold almost 10,000 tickets in lawn and GA areas alone, and then another est. 3-4,000 in reserved seating. In total, accounting for the uncertainty in GA areas, I would say based on the sales map, the indications are she has as of now sold somewhere between 11,000-14,000 tickets.

      They must have been at least somewhat satisfied or encouraged by the latest numbers if they decided to stream the show, because by streaming they do possibly stand to lose a small percentage of concertgoers on the fence who might now not go because they’ll just opt to watch the stream instead.

    5. Sorry, I meant 55-65% sold as of now. I was being super optimistic in my head and thinking ahead to the day of the show and that she might sell another 5% between now and then.

  7. Don’t know if this is true or not but I have heard that for Selena Gomez’s and and Demi Lovato’s tour that there was a lot of buy backs and tickets given away so there wouldn’t be so many empty seats. Gwen was the only one that got early bad press on tix within 3 weeks of her tour announcement, as ridiculous as that is, so then these two and others didn’t want the same thing to happen to them.
    I definitely think it is conceivable that could have happened.
    Coldplay as good as they are with world wide fans have had lots of empty seats this tour.
    The only tour that has been 100 percent sold out was Taylor Swift. Even Beyonce’s wasn’t.
    Pretty sure Blake’s aren’t either.

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