Women Who Rock The Music Industry: Gwen Stefani

Prospectus News — Another female powerhouse is Gwen Stefani, lead vocalist of No Doubt and former solo artist. In 2004 she took a break from her well known and greatly loved band, No Doubt and branched out on her own. This brief hiatus proved to be a great success as she received much appraisal for her album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Gwen has always stood out from the crowd when it came to musical greatness and has never ceased to amaze her fans. With a fun loving attitude and fabulously dynamic vocals, commonly described as having deep vibrato, it is hard not to love her music. Although her side project seems less personal than other musicians, Stefani definitely did it right in creating diversity in her work. So whether Gwen is singing with No Doubt or rocking out on her own, it is near impossible not to respect her skill and success. Like Brody Dalle, she is clearly a permanent fixture in female music talent.

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