Wicked Style Named One Of The Top Five Fragrances For Fall

… already! AOL is naming the new line of Harajuku Lovers fragrance, Wicked Style, one of the top 5 fragrances for the upcoming fall season, which is pretty cool since it doesn’t hit retailers until November! And by the way, not only is the hair felt on the girls, but the bottles are bobblehead dolls! How cute!

Lemon Drop — Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style

I was a beauty editor at Lucky when the first Harajuku Lovers perfumes came into the office, and before I even smelled them I knew just from the insanely cute packaging that they were going to be massively successful. (It helps that all of Gwen Stefani’s scents are made by Coty, the biggest and, in some ways, most prestigious fragrance house in the world. They also make scents for Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Kate Moss, Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and like 90 other big-deal brands.) Remember them? The little dolls — Love, Angel, Music, Baby — each smelled incredible. Not particularly sophisticated, but beautifully light, clean and sweet, like shampoo with notes of sunscreen and way-subtle hints of baby powder. I loved how they smelled on my skin, and I hoarded all four scents obsessively. I was right: The Harajuku Lovers scents were colossal sellers, all four of them, and now there’s a new collection, which I want very, very badly. It’s called Wicked Style, and there are five perfumes, in BOBBLEHEAD DOLL bottles, with endearingly fuzzy-to-the-touch felt heads: Lil’ Angel, a floral with plum, blooming lotus and satin wood; G, a fruity blend, with watermelon, apple and raspberry; Love, a vanilla floral; and Music, a woody floral with notes of juicy apple, jasmine and cedar wood. I’m sort of confused about whether all of them are new or not, but whatever. I still want everything. The collection doesn’t hit stores until November, so obviously, I’m dying.

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