“What You Waiting For?” Included On New Game “Get Up And Dance”

While we are already anticipating the release for Just Dance 3 out on October 11 of this year (available on the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), but it seems that this isn’t the only dance game title that “What You Waiting For?” will be included in. It’s been revealed that the new game, Get Up and Dance, which is being released on November 4 on all formats as well. Gwen’s solo song seems to be a hit with popular dance titles, so we are excited to see what the game brings.

RWD Mag — Ministry of Sound’s Example, Wretch 32 and Vato Gonzalez join Timbaland, Rizzle Kicks, Taio Cruz and of course Apache Indian in new social dancing title Get Up And Dance.

You’ll want to Get Up And Dance when you play new social dancing game Get Up And Dance on the Wii and Move for PlayStation 3 from November 4. That’s what it should say on the TV adverts. If we were directing the TV adverts we’d have Example and Wretch 32 competing with the slogan “You’ll want to Get Up And Dance when you play new social dancing game Get Up And Dance on the Wii and Move for PlayStation 3″ and then a man with a bald cap, painted orange would appear, slap everybody and leave. We’re smart. We’re smart and original.

Often the problem with dancing games is the selection of music, but Get Up And Dance boasts Example’s smash Kickstarts, Wretch 32’s Unorthodox and Vato Gonzalez’s Badman Riddim (Jump) all licensed from the awesome Ministry Of Sound which make that concern redundant, but not quite as much as Apache Indian’s Boom Shack-A-Lak, which we’ve been playing on YouTube since Get Up And Dance reminded us of it.

Check the tracklist for Get Up And Dance announced so far below.

Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For

Get Up And Dance boasts its credentials as a solo as well as group title with Get Up And Dance’s Party Mode which features party games that you can play with up to eight mates, competing against each others teams with party games including Party Mix, Last Man Standing and Tug of War. GUAD also features the innovative new Group Mode which offers you the chance to perform as either a lead or backing dancer to group routines specially choreographed for the game. Group Mode also allows you to dance and have fun in a group or to participate in the talent competition, where you compete in ten rounds to see if you can dance your way to the top. Plus, with loads more features like Shape Up Mode, Rehearse Mode and Jukebox, Get Up And Dance really is the Ultimate Dancing Game package for home console owners.

Get Up And Dance is out November 4, 2011 for Wii™ and PlayStation® Move for PlayStation®3.

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