‘We Love Disney’ Available Featuring “The Rainbow Connection” and “It’s a Small World” (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Records
Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Records

The new compilation We Love Disney is finally here and features spectacular covers of Disney classics including Gwen’s beautiful take on The Muppet Movie‘s “The Rainbow Connection”.

When approached to be appear on the album, Gwen was asked which Disney song she would like to sing, she chose “The Rainbow Connection” since she’s always had a “special connection” to it. Gwen admits that she avoided the offer for awhile since she was overwhelmed at first when choosing a song. She shared that she first saw The Muppet Movie when she was a little girl and the soundtrack was huge in her family while growing up. “When I had my babies, I used to sing this song to them.” Gwen says that the song is still very special to her. “…to find something that was so part of my life and has a meaning for me is a dream come true”.

Gwen also joins in alongside the album’s other artists on the Disney classic “It’s a Small World” which appears as the closing song on the album. We Love Disney was produced by David Foster and released by Walt Disney Records.

Make sure to purchase the songs on iTunes and you are able to stream the album in full courtesy of Apple Music. You can also pick up the album on Amazon and if you order the physical CD, you’ll get an mp3 version of it for free to your Amazon Music account.

9 Replies to “‘We Love Disney’ Available Featuring “The Rainbow Connection” and “It’s a Small World” (Updated)”

  1. I really love this cover. Her voice is so beautiful on this.

    About “It’s a Small World”, I’ll pass. I think the combination of all those voices sound awful together, especially Ariana’s.

  2. I’m so excited for this… These soundtrack compilations live on forever!
    And it’s so important to rekindle Gwen’s “connection” (see what I did there?) with a younger audience.
    I remember receiving one of these compilations as a kid and listening to it over and over and over cause kids don’t have that much variety when it comes to music. Every singer on that album has a special place in my heart and is immediately recognisable.

  3. I just listened to the song and I’m completely in love! So beautiful and specially after Gwen told us how meaningful the song is to her. You guys have to hear it!!

  4. “Used to love you” is nearly out of the top 50..with the voice performance not for another two weeks do you guys think it will be able to rebound to the top 20? I fear it will be too late by then 🙁

  5. Only time will tell, lisa. One thing is for certain, I bought IUTLY and I’m streaming the song on spotify and youtube everyday. Fans unite!!!

  6. I’m not going to buy It’s a Small World since her part is very small, but I did get TRC and it’s very pretty.

  7. I love this version. I really liked it when Rivers from Weezer did it with Haley too. Very sweet version of this song.

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