Wax Gwen: Las Vegas Vs. New York

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I thought this was pretty interesting and I wanted to point it out to everyone! There seems to be a slight difference with the latest version of Gwen’s wax figure that is now on display at Madame Tussaud’s New York. The wax figure that debuted in Las Vegas last Fall seems to be more detailed than the newest version. They seem to have altered her hair style, the Rock Steady roll seems to be gone, and they now just have a poof. It still looks good, but the roll I think is more signature Gwen. It looks like to be a new tank top as well, one that doesn’t reveal her neon green bra (which apparently is still under there!) as much. They also seemed to remove her black bracelet based off of her look on the last tour that was on her right wrist. The new style looks good, and it still looks pretty similar, but I prefer the Las Vegas version. What do you guys think? Have you checked out the figure in person yet?

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