“Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video Premiere

Here it is! Vevo has shared the premiere of Gwen’s new music video for her single “Baby Don’t Lie” directed by Sophie Muller and Weirdcore. Gwen reportedly shot the video in Los Angeles over the weekend on September 21.

The video seems to be a play on the classic Wizard of Oz, and sees Gwen first in black and white and then is swooped up by a tornado. She appears on a “yellow brick road” and is in a brand new world full of bright colors, jagged edges and prints. She is then accompanied by background dancers and colorful patterns on her journey. Three animated figures show up too (presumably the Tinman, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion). More sponsors seem to be around again including iPhone 6, Beats by Dre, Beats Music and Puma shoes. Gwen then finds herself getting back at the beginning and ends with beautiful glamour shots for the camera.

Read up on the “Baby Don’t Lie” video and more from Gwen in our updated videography section.

Gwen’s new single “Baby Don’t Lie” is available everywhere now — be sure to pick it up if you haven’t already! Tell us what you thought of the video below.

Click here for 100+ screen captures.

98 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Music Video Premiere”

  1. What’s up with the awful image quality tho? I don’t think it’s supposed to look like it’s quality 144p :\

  2. i guess the video is sponsored by puma, apple and beatbydre lol. Anyways, I’m surprised its not as massive as her previous videos. It feels more like a buzz track than first single. Great concept. Wished she had her HARAJUKU GIRLS rather than random dancers. i was hoping it would have a tribal burning man kinda vibe like her spring fashion show. Maybe their saving it up for Spark the Fire… now that needs a big budget lol

  3. What, in the effing hell, was that? People seriously need to give Gwen a wake up call. This is the trashiest and laziest thing I have ever seen her do. What’s the point of a comeback if you’re going to do things so hurried and trashy? Did someone actually went to her and said this is a good idea? This is horrible to, and people NEED TO STOP sucking up to her so that she learns. This will absolutely fuck up the entire agenda with the single, will have no streams and furthermore help nothing on the charts (which is the main goal of a music video).

    This here is the proof that she has not been inspired by Pharrel, the voice or anything. She is being put to the task for promotion, money and Interscope.

    I have never been so disappointed. Music Videos is where she has always thrived.

    1. @Julio

      Sorry but u are so wrong….

      I LOVE this video…it’s so futuristic…I remember back when ND played KROQ Breakfast w No Doubt on the Kevin and Bean show…and they said they wanted to do a electric dance album or something (w synthesizers???)…that was in 1997 or so…and seeming Gwen’s had musical influences her whole life…I’d say the video is 45 years in the making…

      It’s full of 80s grafflti like color; along with the English punk influences…yet, it’s futuristic; eye candy and commercially brilliant w the product placements…

      It’s rad.

      And I am sure very talented, hard working, artistic and basically genius people collaborated to put the video together.

      It’s so MTV. Back when MTV first came out.

      Go Gwen!!!

  4. @Julio word.
    Bad on every level. It’s looks pixelated because the systems couldn’t compress such a huge load of digitized junk.

  5. Sometimes I honestly hope so hard Gwen never looks at this site. We have one of the meanest and most negative fan bases I’ve ever seen. Why even comment if you’re just going to trash every single thing she does? Why are you still even following what she’s doing if that’s the case? The comments are almost always primarily negative, which seems ironic for a fan site. I’m not saying she’s above critique, but honestly think about what you’re saying and how.

  6. It doesn’t feel like she has a major label behind her, it feels like its self-funded independent but thats a shame because she is an established singer. They need to treat her as such. Maybe she needs to do another scene with her putting on lipstick and have L’Orreal fund her music video. GWEN IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DONT HOLD BACK GO ALL OUT!!! I will rep for you head to toe but please give us something memorable.

  7. Bradley, that’s what happens with most of women fans bases and not just with music. If she was a guy the only thing ( if he had mostly a women fanbase) they will only care how hot he looks. Also there is no way her people maybe an intern or assistant, don’t check this site.

  8. Does anyone know what brands her pants and shirt are that she’s wearing in the street scenes?

    As for the video quality: I’ve seen this happening with newly released official videos before. I guess Vevo/YouTube will fix this really quickly.

  9. I am a huge fan of Gwen, No Doubt and this site as well. I’ve never commented before but feel compelled to today. This song and video doesn’t feel right. It seems cheesy, commercialized and the song is too repetitive. I don’t wanna be a player hater, but I am disappointed. Still a fan and always will be tho.

    1. i agree ^ huge fan girl, something unorganic here. i don’t even watch the voice (not a fan of shows like that). aw well.. as long as G is havin fun!

  10. I think the video is cute, very noticeable if you were flicking through music TV channels and suits the song. She’s not trying to be too young or anything, nice and classy 🙂 I think she said herself in one of the interviews yesterday, this era isn’t about the single, it’s about the whole thing – I think this is a ‘buzz’ single/video getting her name out there until the real stuff hits us!
    Love you G!

  11. I’m sorry for the way I’ve put it, I really am. I’m in love with Baby Don’t Lie, the same way I’ve been in love with Gwen for a decade. I did not expect she would release something solo, and when she did, I went crazy. I’ve been keeping track of her even when there was nothing to be seen.
    But then, I expected her to be that same forward woman, with this dramatic visual art, that has succumbed with this new video. There’s no Gwen in it, just her beautiful self walking, but no personality.

  12. That video was not what I expected at all… I have only watched it for the first time and I can not explain how I feel… I always love everything Gwen does.. I will watch it over and see how I actually feel, it just feels a bit strange at first..

  13. Everyone is complaining about the image quality on blogs and youtube. There’s some pixelation/compression artifacts.

    1. Yeah, even in 1080 it comes across as very pixelated. I guess there is just too much going on and like you said wasn’t compressed correctly. Kind of a bummer.

  14. Now we know why she was at the apple launch. Was I to take any more away from this? Not feeling this at all. I know she is loyal but Sophie and her need to go on a break from each other.

  15. Yeah the pixelated look is throwing the whole thing off. And sheesh, can we get someone else besides Sophie Muller to do Gwen’s videos?? She’s done some good work in the past but this needed to be better. I like the song a lot, but the video is leaving me with a very “what were they thinking?” feel.

  16. go watch the push and shove video. same director, also a one day shoot and most likely a similar budget, if not less.
    then come back here and say this is a good video.

  17. So over her and Sophie muller collaborating … so boring , so safe , so typical gwen …The video doesn’t match the song at all…. green screen videos are so lacking of inspiration …. Over it. Love the song but for a comeback video , this?! -_-

  18. Product placements in music videos from Gwen? Yep. A new low? Yep. Someone please tell Gwen, life is not a game of limbo “How low can you go.” She just has no grasp on what is good and right this day and age. Sad she lied to us and we thought she was back with No Doubt for good. Guess ego and money speaks louder than real friendships and morals. Being a man of your words is not something Gwen is good at. Ok I’m done with Gwen now.

    1. Wow.

      Can’t wait to hear your new song and latest video…you seem to knowledgable and authoritative about what’s new and in now days and all.


  19. Yeah true, and i liked the push and shove video. Gwen looked soo good in it.

    Hate to be a downer too, but im pretty disappointed to say the least.. I dont get it. Not only is the quality so off, but it just looks thrown together. Not cool and edgy, just kindof bizarre and “off” and I dont think matches the song at all. Kimbra’s 90’s Music video i feel like was going for a similar feel with the green screen stuff and all. And while it’s def not my favorite video or song, i think it pulls it off wayy better.

    Ahh oh well.. I’m kinda sad this is the video that will get picked up by media outlets! Really surprised interscope let this go for a single that clearly could be a big hit

  20. Phew! Ok I think the video is looking so much better now. Maybe it was still processing? Glad it’s fixed cause it was VERY distracting! I like the video!

  21. Why do people care so much about product placement? To be honest it less upsetting in this video than it was for Settle Down. Plus if you want a decent video you need cash for it. Unfortunately labels don’t put much money in videos. In this video it didn’t bother me at all. The iPhone makes sense in the storyline. The sneakers are just sneakers. I actually want them. lol And the phones are actually cute! People worry with insignificant details. It’s so boring!

  22. I’m just really disappointed…. what a lackluster, boring video to have as a comeback …. she looks uncomfortable, it looks like she’s walking a catwalk the whole video … and where are the harajuku girls?! Who are those random back up dancers … and I’m not gonna lie I know gwen doesn’t like to dance or isn’t coordinated enough to dance …but she should learn …cuz just walking all slowly next to your dancers looks strange and awkward … I just had way higher hopes … there’s no substance to this video … Gwen you can do better than this! Where’s videos like, “what you waiting for?”,”Holla back girl” or “luxurious” ? Sooo sad this is the video … blah

  23. I think I’m gonna stop reading the comments. Personally I come to this site because I love all things no doubt and gwen but there is a lot of negativity in here. I get so excited about videos /songs then I start reading the comments and it bums me out. The video and song are meant to be NOW and fast and disposable . That’s the whole idea . Enjoy it for what it is. Stop taking it so serious because gwen obviously isn’t and isn’t expecting u too either. Just sit back and enjoy it. That’s all 😃

  24. I feel sorry for Jenny and her team. I know it’s always stimulating when fans interact but enough’s enough. People complain too much and they are never satisfied. Some fans seem to want to control all of Gwen’s moves and her artistry and that’s wrong. Constructive criticism is one thing but negativity 99% of the time and coming from the same people over and over?

  25. It doesn’t look like Gwen really put a lot of effort into this. No choreography, no acting, just a few model poses (that get repeated at the end), walking and making product placement. She didn’t even bother to change out of her jammies. And no, I don’t feel bad about being negative. I’m a huge fan of No Doubt and Gwen, have been for almost twenty years, and I want her to succeed and spread her amazing talent! But this video is not the way to do that! I love the song and I was hoping for at least a good energetic dance sequence, but when I looked at the dancers they didn’t seem to be doing much either. 🙁 🙁 Hope it at least blows up on the radio.

  26. I have to agree with NDLOVER, people are more worried in being judges instead of being fans. So what if Gwen likes Sophie? I for once, think she’s great and she was not the only one involved in the video, Weirdcore also worked on it and the graphics were created by him. See people… Gwen did work with fresh names!

  27. I see some still are mad that Gwen “lied” to them and “how let the other 3 guys to do something so selfish and vain” lol also you can’t expect the same solo Gwen, she’s 45! It’s not a good video? yes I agree, but to keep repeating what a dissapoinment Gwen is when she doesn’t reach YOUR expectations is crazy. The single is doing better than most expected. This has being on for a while, most of the opinions about her joining the Voice were negative too.

    You don’t like Gwen anymore, fine. Go and find someone new and like them and sooner or later they will dissapoint you too.
    I haven’t seen so much negativity coming from other older female singers fanbase, like Mariah, J.Lo, etc.

  28. Rose Marie, you’re probably one of the 1st persons to post a constructive critic and that’s remarkable. Fans have the right to feel disappointed and express their opinion. That’s not negativity at all. You’re doing it nicely without dragging Gwen and still respect her work and integrity as artist.

    1. Thank you NDLOVER! Bottom line, we are all rooting for Gwen. I will certainly keep listening to the song but I won’t watch the video anymore. I will use my imagination and conjure up my own awesome video to match this ultra-cool song! 🙂
      I agree with people that it’s probably due to lack of time and wanting to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime momentum she has going on right now with The Voice. In that interview with Carson Daly etc. Gwen actually mentioned she shot 2 videos in ten days time…So that means we will have to remain patient and probably have to suffer through another lackluster video…But if you put all of Gwen’s videos together and put them on a scale it’s still great -> just think of WYWF and Cool <3<3!

  29. Gwen Stefani is a remarkable woman. Baby Don’t Lie is a decent but generic pop song. The video is terrible though. The graphics are striking but there’s nothing more to this video other than some awful product placement. I think Gwen is a cool individual and a lovely person and am huge fan of No Doubt’s creative output but this just sucks, It would have been better if there was some kind of tribal theme that reflects the beat. The product placement really destroyed it for me though (and yes, I know there was some of that in Settle Down). That may not matter for some people but I think Gwen and her audience are worth more than that.

  30. People… when are you going to understand that product placement is a way to raise the budget for a music video? Without that, there would be little money to work with. You not liking it, it’s ok, but you need to understand the game. That’s old news to people who work on advertisement when you work on fundraising money for events and campaigns. Music videos are no different. Loreal was the one that helped up the budget for the Settle Down video.

  31. I really don’t care about the product placement either, it’s to be expected. I’m just shocked at how pixelated the video is. Even on 1080p it still looks bad. It’s an ok video too, that’s the only thing that’s killing it for me.

  32. Cynthia, the video looked like it cost $10, they didn’t need such a long shot of an iPhone to pay for that.

  33. I rewatched it and it felt like she went drop off the kids and ran back to film the music video lol… I guess i just was hoping for something more dramatic with the visuals and the fashion, Can she bring back Andrea Lieberman as her stylist? Even with the Voice, fashion was like yah its gwen but its not pushing forward aside from the dark hair tips lol. I want her to bring it like the lamb fashion spring presentation. Bring on the funky neon eye make up, the funky hairpins, the feathers, the pink visuals, the harajuku girls, haute couture, vivenne westwood, and film it in japan lol. Come on Gwen Bring it On!!!

  34. Yes, the video is not on par with past efforts… but I’m OK with it. I think this album is more about taking advantage of the moment and Gwen has A LOT on her plate right now. So, instead of doing a super elaborate video that wouldn’t be out for another month, they did something timely and we got this. These days, I think a video can help boost a song’s popularity, but you can also get away with not having a great one. They’re not as mandatory as they used to be. I think that if the song is a hit (which I think it will be), that’s all that really matters. Sure, I would love another epic video like WYWF, but I don’t think Gwen’s in the place right now to pull it off. Hopefully “Spark the Fire” is a little different. I’m just happy because I love BDL and I think it’s amazing, and at the end of the day that’s most important.

  35. The point is …Most fans are disappointed …I’ve been a.fan since 1994 …A devout fan of both no doubt and gwen solo projects …This is just an embarrassment … there’s no excuse a lot of.artists have children …and their videos are far better than this … it looks like they came.up with the concept on windows 98 … using dated software products … This is not the comeback video a lot of us hoped for.

  36. The video is cool, but forgettable. Is it what Gwen deserves for her first solo effort in many years? No, but I honestly don’t think she had time to do anything more detailed with everything going on in her life/career. And I second that she needs to break away from Sophie Muller. I’m bummed that she has directed both videos. NOT because she’s a bad director, but because she is better for the slower/romantic videos – not the upbeat/dance ones.

  37. Not a huge fan of the video but wow some of these comments are just mean! I for one support gwen and her team and I am so happy that we are hearing more solo Gwen because I became a fan during the lamb era. Its so nice seeing gwen on the charts again

  38. I don’t believe these comments are “mean” we have a right as fans to expext.more from one of our favorite artists or are favorite artist for that matter … Gwen stefani is an icon … This video looks like a debut video from a tween girl … it’s just sad…I don’t feel bad for expecting WAYYY more of Gwen… any of you people on here that are loving the video … are easily satisfied … not me after 8 years of being away.

  39. It’s weird I guess, but I generally don’t get offended by negative comments here because I know we are all fans… I’d rather read a mix of positive and negative comments rather than fans be sheep and love every single thing Gwen/ND do.

  40. I love this song and had very high hopes for the video. Gwen has always delivered when it comes to anything visual. Even with Push & Shove, I felt that the visual were much higher quality than the songs.
    This doesn’t seem like a proper music video. It seems like something made the backdrops on tour.
    I like the idea of the video, but unfortunately it’s just missing something.

  41. Yeah same, as long as they’re constructive. Still esp bummed that Sophie did the next video honestly. I love a lot of her past work, but like someone said she tends to be better at slower emotive songs. Like 4 in the morning, early winter, cool…

    I looked to make sure – like I thought, most of her more edgy creative videos (IMO) were not directed by sophie..

    Like Hollaback Girl, Sweet Escape, What You Waiting For, Rich Girl… And for ND – Hella Good (one of my favs), Hey Baby.. just thought that was interesting

  42. the video really reminded me of an old video i couldn’t put my finger on, and finally figured out what it was! amy grant’s big yellow taxi from 1995 lol

    i know, totally different feel. but the cheesy bluescreen graphics, especially later in the amy video, and her walk totally reminded me of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiJWwWP1g7w

  43. After a few days of letting this all settle in, I think I’ve adjusted to what seemed like a travesty at first. She obviously wanted to make a dumb uninteresting song in order to nudge her way back to the front. As much as I despise the song, she really has succeeded (#5 on iTunes is incredible). She was smart to know what a mindless popular song needs to sound like nowadays so she made one. And it’s worked.
    I think some fans think whatever it takes (within reason) to get her to the top is welcome. They will always be able to find something good in what she does (for example the many people who see something positive in this horrendous video).

    Then there are the fans that believe the means must justify the end. Creativity and quality trump everything. It’s not about money or charts. You put your heart and soul into what you do and then see how it’s received.

    Gwen obviously hasn’t taken this route with this first track. But it’s very hard to have it both ways. I think she was aware of that and again has been smart and succeeded.
    We shall see what move she makes next. By the looks of it “spark the fire” seems like a song that will bring credibility but perhaps not chart position. Maybe she can have it both ways 🙂

  44. Well the next one has to be better, they didn’t put the bar too high on this one. This got nothing do to with the video, but I got scared to see Interscope trending on twitter lol

  45. Gwen has always had some kind of outfit or look for each one of her singles (alice for what you waiting for, black and white stripes for sweet escape, street girl for hollaback girl, pirate theme for rich girl) it seems like she might do polka dots for baby dont lie when she performs it.

  46. I just saw the video on my bigger screen computer. Now I know what everyone is complaining about. Yes, she deserves much better.

  47. Erm, dunno what to say, I’m out of words… in related news, the “Looking Hot” video is FUCKING great!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I was just being mean. 😀 This video is just a simplistic aproach and I get it. I love Gwen!!!! She’s my fave and looks super rad, I’m swoon.

  49. I actually thing Sophie Muller had to rush things up for promo reasons! If you check the preview, you’ll see there are scenes that haven’t been used. Still, when it comes to attitude and looks, Gwen is the absolute best, love it!!!!!!!!

  50. I’ve worshipped Gwen since 1995, and No Doubt/Gwen have always done such great, quality work. This just feels lazy, and that’s why I’m disappointed. Baby Don’t Lie is catchy and I enjoy it, but I don’t think it’s great music, and this video is the weakest she’s ever done. I agree with some others– we’re hard on her stuff because we think she’s great and always hope to see great stuff from her.

    I’m hoping that this song is just to drum up a little interest and get her back out there. I really liked what we heard of Spark the Fire, so I’m hoping her next video/single are solid.

  51. the sweet escape vid had product placement too… Im notfeelin the green screen kinda wish this was the lyric video not official.. Still love the song.

  52. Gaga tweeted about gwen again today using the adjective artpop to describe her new perfume line. These two need to collab asap!

  53. Love the song and the video is so rad . but so disappointed with the fans. Lets bring some positive energy in here. OI! The Queen is back.

  54. Not a fan, but she makes money either way. What is mostly interesting is how butthurt people get when a view isn’t shared. Not everyone believes Gwen is God and that she is amazing 24/7 or that she can do no wrong. Guess what people, she too can be lame and here is yet another example of it.

  55. A gwen and gaga collab would be epic! I wish she would collaborate with more female artists. I remember britney saying she wanted to do a song with gwen.

  56. @Simon Hard to tell. This is so funny. I would take art out of the name. maybe glitch aesthetic is more appropriate. But now that the glitches have been fixed, wasn’t this just a technical error?

  57. I was really hoping for a video with more stories… Anyway I still support Gwen no matter what.

    And I do believe that she will bring it with Spark the Fire.

  58. @Julio #5 – exactly!

    She obviously just put something out in a rush to cash in from the exposure on The Voice. No inspiration at all, THE low point of her carrier, for sure.

  59. All I have to say is my baby Gwen looks hot as always she’s glamourus and strong.

    She stands as a new leader for young people, now especially that she’s a mom. She’s finding her nitch in this new generation and she knows it. She has a fan base that’s so broad, kinda reminds me of what Pharrell said, that he wanted to reach people from 6 to 60 to listen to his music. Gwen is doing the same, thru her sounds, fashion, and videos.
    Come on now guys, we’re here on BSO because we love NO DOUBT & GWEN! She’s been doing this since the 80s. Let’s give her the credit she rightfully desirves. We are her fans, and she’s our biggest fan, and that’s why she’s even putting any music out, for us, and I love her for that. Even more.

    She’s the Queen of the Pop (solo) and Queen of Rock (no doubt)
    I love Gwen and just wait!!! Let the album speak for itself. Glad to even have a new album out to add to my collection.
    Ps I hope Candyland is on the album!!!
    Be good fans you guys!

    Long Beach and it feels so fine, rock this sh** straight back to Anaheim.

  60. I actually like the song and the video, they’re cool!! but I don’t know what people are expecting Gwen to do…some twerking??? make stupid sexual videos?? and pretend to be a 15 teen year old like Madonna and Jlo?? I liked this video because she’s not pretending to be someone she isn’t… with all these awful female singers trying to be wh***, Gwen is very always true with herself.

  61. Hahaha

    Look at the brilliant post shedding light on all the rude haters that genius brilliant video is actually a new art form…

    All y’all are so stuck in your rut of whatever it is you are expecting of a music video…you want thriller?!

    It’s such a face to all these people literally crying over a music video!

    Maybe you should get a day job — or 5 or 6 — like Gwen, and then cry on a message board about feeling “lied” to or annoyed that you have to look at an iPhone in a Gwen stefani video…Who Cares?

    This is the coolest video ever and I love that it’s so artistic digitally and visually…

    People can’t stand change, new, or different

    That’s how you know Gwen Stefani is a true recording artist genius. She’s isn’t afraid …

    It’s all these people who simply are stuck in the past and can’t go with the flow of art and commerce…

  62. ^ Personally I think those graphics and the “glitch” / CGI aesthetics are really cool. This video would look great projected in a club, music festival or tour. It’s definitely not suitable for youtube cause so much got lost with the compression. I’m trying to catch it on TV.

  63. Can we talk how Gwen isn’t flashing any skin in her new video and still manages to be in the top 10? No twerk, no nudity! She keeps it classy! Take notes, girls! :p

  64. Amy, you wrote one of the longest posts on here about getting a life and not caring so much about a music video…

    ‘This is the coolest video ever’ … you are deluded it’s embarrassing.

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