Warped Tour Co-Founder on Gwen Blossoming Into a Star


In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Warped Tour co-founder Kevin Lyman discussed seeing No Doubt blossom while headlining on the tour’s debut back in 1995. He says that the tour brought out Gwen’s confidence in herself and helped her become the superstar she is today.

While we really don’t necessarily agree with some of the comments on the band itself, he says that being on the tour, No Doubt was able to take off and get the exposure they deserved. Lyman says that he’s always wanted to see Gwen come out of her shell and take control of the stage.

They were a young band out there that I got to watch evolve—as I was getting my feet under myself, they were getting their feet under them. The first time I saw them I said, ‘Get everyone out of the clown suit and let [Gwen Stefani] be a star. That’s how I’ve been with female artists. Like with Paramore, it’s like, you have to let the star come forward—sometimes it’s really hard because they want to be one of the band. Like with Echosmith, Sydney is going to be the star. The band guys are great but she’s the star. And usually that means a couple of people will leave the band because they can’t get past it, I tell the band guys, “You’ll have a nice living and you’ll be able to go out to a nice restaurant and not be bothered, but you won’t be the star.” As soon as Gwen stepped out, the band was able to take off. Originally there was hesitation on her part, but she became herself and grew into herself.

No Doubt played over 5 dates of the inaugural Warped Tour in 1995 on the west coast including stops in California, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver. The band also returned to the Warped Tour in 2000 for a special date in Minneapolis as a surprise during their Return of Saturn US tour.

Photo courtesy of Hull. Check out the full article courtesy of Madison Vain for EW.

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  1. You may not agree with it, but it’s the truth. The guys had to learn the hard way to take the backseat. I think they are ultimately grateful for it though. They can make money and be rock stars onstage, but still have a sense of anonymity in real life.

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