Wall Street Journal Review: No Doubts At Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B.

Another great review for L.A.M.B. tonight — they could have a more original title for the article though. They praise her for bringing looks to the runway that usually are not featured and they thought the line was “fresh”. Apparently one the models fell on the runway but recovered quickly. We will have the runway show posted on BSO as soon as it becomes available.

Wall Street Journal — Gwen Stefani’s runway show Thursday night, at the tail end of New York Fashion Week, was lively. The models strutted and camped it up, twirling, smiling, waving, seemingly having fun. One wiped out on the floor and took a minute to get up and it looked as humanly moving as the other models’ vibrant attitudes that it helped contribute to the show’s anything-goes vibe.

Ms. Stefani is a competent and confident designer. The clothes are cute in a mixed-up kind of way and it’s easy to see why they appeal to a certain type of young woman. She showed six groups of archetypical looks: Soldier Girls, Ragga Muffin Girls — ragamuffin is a term used in Jamaica and I’m not sure if Ms. Stefani deliberately spelled it the way she did or not — London Girls, Buffalo Girls, Mod Girls, and finally Glamour Girls. The most original of the lot — well, as original as looks derived from archetypes could be — for me were the ragga muffin girls, mainly because it’s not a look we’ve seen a lot of during New York Fashion Week, so it seemed somewhat fresher to the eye. And the models during this section really gave the best walk.

At the end of the show, when Ms. Stefani emerged to take her bow and walk the whole runway, something startled the audience and Ms. Stefani, too. It was her little boy, who came running after her as she was midway down the catwalk and grabbed her hand enthusiastically. Ms. Stefani was clearly taken by surprise. It was just as refreshingly spontaneous as the models’ unconventional enthusiasm.

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