Vote: VMAs or Emmys Look?


With the Emmy Awards about to wrap up, we’re curious which look from Gwen’s over the past weekend was your favorite?

Gwen rocked two different glam looks at the both the MTV Video Music Awards (in L.A.M.B. couture) and then tonight sparkled in Versace covered in Swarovski crystals at the 66th annual Emmy Awards.

Thank you for voting in our poll and we just have to say that Gwen looked absolutely fabulous this awards season!

Photos courtesy of Zimbio/Getty.

8 Replies to “Vote: VMAs or Emmys Look?”

  1. I seriously hate Versace, even the couture line looks tacky. Gwen should scout out other designers next time. I loved the VMA look though.

  2. I think there are pictures where the Versace looks wonderful & that’s probably how it looked more in person but overall, I’d say VMA’s looked best and yes more Gwen!

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