Photos/Videos: Gwen at Voice Event Red Carpet at HYDE Sunset (Updated)



The Voice - Season 7

The Voice - Season 7

The Voice - Season 7

The Voice - Season 7

NBC announced that all of the Voice coaches (including Gwen) will be performing live tonight at the HYDE Sunset restaurant in West Hollywood at an exclusive red carpet event! Taping just wrapped for tonight’s Live Semifinals and it’s being reported that Gwen hit the stage and performed “Spark The Fire” and “The Sweet Escape” live.

We’re excited to find out more details on the performances and hope to see more soon!

Click here to see more photos from the event.

Our #phwends just sparked the fire @hydesunset tonight. #SparkTheFire #TheVoiceAtHyde

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20 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Gwen at Voice Event Red Carpet at HYDE Sunset (Updated)”

  1. wow. i cant believe im gonna say this, but the song didnt sound so bad for this performance. i feel like im theyre love child lol! i wish!

  2. ^^^^^typing from my phone theres always ALWAYS errors!! sorry for all the past errors & further ones & of course this one. im crazy about it in person

  3. This is freaking cool! I’d really love to be there in person. STF is becoming one of my favourite solo songs.
    Gwen is killing it. Loving how she sounds effortless lately. This lil clip reminded of ND old days for some reason. Lol I can’t believe she’s 45 yo. It’s like she never left OC. She’s still the same!

  4. Why the F is she using pre recorded vocals on her latest performances? I can hear her singing live, but the track is evident and at some points may cause the impression she’s lip syncing.

  5. I just said that… but it creates that awful impression to other people. My question is to why she’s now doing that, she has always done it live so it’s something that does not make sense on doing it now.

  6. Great performance! It’s just kinda sad that all these STF performances already feel like they are beating a dead horse… I don’t know… I still think they should have given BDL this kind of treatment and the commercials and all.

  7. When BDL first came out I couldn’t wait for her to be onto the next single, thinking pharrell woulda did a great song,, but now I wish it would just been BDL. STF is really annoying, from the very start “OMG OMG IM BACK AGAIN”——Ahhhhh—– pharrell is in a wacky stage/phase right now

  8. @NDLOVER, if Gwen released a song with her just breathing on it youd be saying the same thing! 😉 LOL you stand by our Gwenie-gwen-gwen no matter what haha

  9. I’m actually a big fan of anything G + P.

    But for example I didn’t care much about “Together”. I was quite disappointed cause I think Calvin could have done so much better. There, I’m not a fan of everything she releases. lol

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