Videos: Voice Coaches Interviewed on Access Hollywood

Gwen and her fellow Voice coaches sat down for a new interview together for Access Hollywood.

The coaches acknowledge the state of the music industry and Gwen mentions how exciting it was (though a little unnerving) having “Spark The Fire” leaked prior to it’s release this past Monday. She says there is so much good stuff happening now and calls the industry the “wild, wild west”.

Gwen says that being around the boys and on the show is still very weird for her. Herself and Pharrell have grown really close to each other over the past year and calls him a “life coach” for her.

Gwen finds it hard to think about winning the season and calls being on the show “an amazing experience”. She doesn’t see herself as being competitive and finds it really fun. Gwen says she would love to come back to coach another season if she’s asked. Blake calls Gwen “unbelievably normal” and wants her to return again.

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  1. @Amanda G
    Pharrell’s already scheduled to return next season. I know Christina is coming back next season, but season 9 is a blank slate. Usher and Shakira said they were open to returning eventually, but they wanted to focus on music right now.

    But there’s a lot of gossip-y stories detailing how much The Voice crew love working with Gwen because she’s easy to get along with whereas Christina has a reputation (and has had it for a VERY long time) for being difficult. So who knows what’s up for season 9 in the second half of 2015.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gwen returns for season 9. I hope that will be it though.

    I’m actually a long time of Christina’s music, but not so much of her personality.

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