Vintage Article: 20 Things You’ve Never Heard About Gwen

Thanks a lot to Hannah for sharing and transcribing for us! Check out this vintage article from Twist magazine back in April/May 2000 featuring 20 things you’ve never heard about Gwen. Now, these facts are pretty well known, even to a casual fan, but we still thought it was pretty cute, and you might learn something new! We also wanted to mention that our new articles section will be launching soon with TONS of vintage articles just for BSO!

1. It’s a girl! Gwen Renee Stefani was born October 3rd 1969 in Fullerton, California, and still lives in SoCal. To this day, she remains super close to her siblings Todd, Jill and Eric.

2. The glam girlie’s earliest childhood memory is stealing Oreos from the kitchen with Eric, and the making a big ball out of the white filling they scraped from the middle. Tasty!

3. Besides soccer, Gwen’s other childhood hobbies were, well, sorta interesting: She played piccolo in the marching and grooved on water ballet.

4. Kiss and tell, Gwen! Her first real smooch was the summer before ninth grade, when a boy named Brad laid one on her. Brad wore braces then, but Gwen had ‘em more recently.

5. Gwen wasn’t No Doubt’s first singer. The band was founded in 1987 by Gwen’s brother Eric and his friend John Spence, who sang. Gwen became the lead singer when John tragically took his own life.

6. John’s memory definitely lives on. After all, the band is named after his favourite saying: “He was the one who used to say ‘No Doubt.’” Notes Gwen.

7. During the early days, members of the unsigned band worked together at local Dairy Queen to make some cash but Gwen hated it. “I got so fat when I worked there”, she says.

8. The family affair ended when Eric quit just before the smash album Tragic Kingdom hit the streets (bad timing, Eric!) But don’t worry about him. His first love for cartooning, and he landed a gig as an animator for The Simpsons.

9. Gwen’s a thrift store addict, but she also like to sew her own threads. She picked up that skill from her mom, who used to make some of Gwen’s clothes.

10. Gwen wrote “Just a Girl” after her dad got mad at her for driving home from her bf Tony Kanal’s (the bassist) house after dark. We get her being p.o.’d – after all, she was in her 20s!

11. Tony was the inspiration for Gwen’s trademark bindi. “Tony’s Indian and I saw his mom wearing one,” she says.

12. Tony broke up with Gwen – and broke her heart. Don’t cry for Gwen though, ‘cause the heartbreak gave her the inspiration for most of the lyrics on Tragic Kingdom.

13. Obviously, Gwen has gotten over Tony pretty well. (It helps when you next bf is gorgeous Gavin Rossdale.)

14. Gwen’s tired of reading about her relationship in the gossip columns. “It’s silly,” she says, “Especially when they’re talking about me, this total dork.”

15. Once Gwen’s mom asked her not to curse at a show because a bunch of relatives were coming. So Gwen said “f***” over and over again. Mom didn’t speak to her for a week!

16. Don’t gag, but here’s Gwen on Gavin: “He’s the most sickeningly romantic guy I’ve ever met. And on top of that, he’s physically perfect – and I’m not even into that.” (Uh, us either.)

17. Gwen’s secret skill? She can pee standing up! “I’m a pro at that,” she says. “Don’t you know how many [public] restrooms I have to go to?”

18. Gwen’s probably using that skill now: The band’s on tour in support of their new album Return of Saturn.

19. When Gavin’s not around, Gwen clings to other love of her life – Lhasa Apso dog, Meggan.

20. Gwen’s not a total career chick. She definitely wants a family too. “All I ever wanted to do was get married and have babies, buy a house,” she says, “When I was in elementary school and they asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, I drew a bride.”

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  1. I knew all of the facts listed..except #17; Gwen’s secret skill? She can pee standing up! “I’m a pro at that,” she says. “Don’t you know how many [public] restrooms I have to go to?”

    I’m pretty sure I would do the same thing if I was in her situation. No tissue, no tushie. 😀

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