Video: ‘Voice’ Coaches Cover TLC’s “Waterfalls” for Season Premiere

For the much-anticipated coach performance, The Voice has shared season 12’s intimate and acoustic cover of TLC’s 1994 megahit “Waterfalls”. The joint performance featuring Gwen, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton strays away from the norm where the coaches typically perform a song together live on-set of The Voice in front of an audience. Their take on “Waterfalls” comes across as polished and unique and the coaches vocals seem to blend together flawlessly.

Gwen sounds incredible opening up with song and even taking a surprise turn tackling Left-Eye’s iconic rap verse in the classic R&B track.

We’re happy to see all the positive buzz for the upcoming season with some media outlets already calling this coaching panel the best in the show’s history!

Click here to download an audio .mp3 version of “Waterfalls” ripped from the video.

9 Replies to “Video: ‘Voice’ Coaches Cover TLC’s “Waterfalls” for Season Premiere”

  1. I did not expect them to cover that song! They all sounded great. Hopefully some more songs were recorded during this session? 🙂

    1. I know! TLC is still one of my all-time favorites so this was a welcomed surprise. I would love if they shared more from this jam session, which I’m sure doesn’t exist, but I was really impressed.

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