Videos: ‘The Voice’ Returns Next Monday; New Promos

We’re officially only one week away till Gwen makes her return to The Voice for season 9! NBC has shared a few new promos in anticipation of the premiere including a clip from the Blinds where Gwen shares what she wanted to name her third son. This week we’ll be putting together a few posts to get everyone ready for Monday with ways to vote once we get to the live shows and how to support Team Gwen.

Greener Pastures also shared a scan from this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly featuring a quick interview with Gwen on the upcoming season. When asked if she had any pre-show routines, Gwen says that she likes to relax with her hair-and-makeup team and play her new music for everybody.

We’ll be following every week and keeping track on our Voice coverage page for season 9!

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  1. Also wanna say just how much I love the artwork for this season, what a talented guy!

    Ps. Hi, Jenny & co, I tweeted you asking this but I’m not sure if anyone saw my tweet so I’m gonna ask here too lol. Is there anywhere on this site, or anywhere else that you know of, where I can find sales stats for No Doubt’s albums (and Gwen’s too)? They would be useful when I’m debating with my ND doubting friends ;).

    1. Hi, Leah! I just saw your Tweet! You know, I thought I had all that information under the “Discography” section but it looks like I don’t. My plan is to work on a page for maybe “Sales” or something tonight and I’ll let you know once I get it up! Thanks for the heads up though — good idea!

    2. Wikipedia has some sales info, but it’s not current and who knows how accurate it is…

      ND – 30,000
      BSC – 100,000
      TK – 10 million
      ROS – 1.4 million
      RS – 2.8 million
      Singles – 2.2 million
      EIT – no clue
      LAMB – 4 million
      TSE – 1.7 million
      PAS – 240,000 (from MTV article)

    1. I got the ND and BSC numbers from wiki, but I feel as though I’ve seen updated numbers in articles over the years? 100,000 seems low…especially after the re-issue.

      I was also surprised to see that LAMB has sold 4 million, but doesn’t reflect that. The site still shows her at 3x platinum and supposedly she went 4x in 2009.

      1. Found some more info…

        No Doubt 318,000 (01/2006)
        The Beacon Street Collection 134,000 (01/2006)
        Tragic Kingdom – 8.2 million (06/2013)
        Return of Saturn 1,587,000 (07/2012)
        Everything In Time 37,000 (03/2005)

        Again, don’t know how accurate it is, but it sounds right.

    1. Yes, they are U.S. numbers since that’s where I live.. Leah didn’t specify what she wanted so I went with that… 🙂

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