Videos: Interviews with Gwen and Pharrell on “Shine” and Working Together (Updated)


A pre-order link for Paddington is already available on iTunes and includes a new featurette interview with Gwen and Pharrell about the song fitting in with the film and how they love to impress their children. It’s pretty neat — check it out on iTunes. You can stream the interview in the trailers section now.

“Shine” is still not available to purchase but we’ll keep everyone updated with the latest.

In a new set of interviews from today, Gwen and Pharrell discussed what it’s been like working together again after all of these years and their new track, “Shine”.

The two shared that Gwen got the call originally from producer Harvey Weinstein to have a song featured in Paddington. She was in the studio with Pharrell at the time and brought up the idea to work together on the track. Gwen says signing on to contribute a song was “automatic” for her cause of Weinstein’s work. “Shine” was already a work-in-progress and Pharrell then suggested the two had to approach the song’s lyrics differently. “We took our time, we crafted it, it felt good in the end.” Pharrell says that his son is a big fan of Gwen’s tone and vocal delivery. “She has a lot of songs that kids naturally gravitate towards.”

Gwen calls writing a song for a children’s film is a “rare opportunity” and a “gift”.

Gwen says that she’s been listening to a lot of her past work with Pharrell and finds what came out of those sessions special. Coming from two totally different backgrounds, she says that the two have always had incredible chemistry. Gwen never thought that they would collaborate again and finds it really exciting just living in the moment. Pharrell says that their creative relationship has “grown deeper” since working together again. He says that he wants to be apart of whatever Gwen is doing and her “incredible plans”.

Gwen shares that her and Pharrell have been working together on her new album and reveals she wants to continue work with him. After being on The Voice together, the two were dying to get into the studio together but found they had very little time. Gwen says that she would to get back into the studio now that she has more “clarity” and “confidence” and not feeling as rushed as she did while on The Voice. Pharrell calls working with Gwen “a cool game of ping-pong.”

17 Replies to “Videos: Interviews with Gwen and Pharrell on “Shine” and Working Together (Updated)”

  1. I’m surprise he is not executive producing her solo record. He seem to be doing more tracks and pretty much guiding the creative direction of the project.

  2. They’re so cool together! 🙂 I’m glad she’s decided to take more time to record and mature this project.
    I guess the album will be out around October/November. While we’re at it I think it’d be a smart move to add an extra verse to Baby Don’t Lie with a feat. and include it on the album.

  3. Pharrell is like a motivational speaker guru, I love their friendship-chemistry. I agree is excelent she’s taking time to finish the album. Paddington is 98% fresh on reviews that is freaking amazing hope helps the B.O

  4. I wonder if Gavin is jealous of Pharell yet hm… (Though with a wife like that, getting jealous must be exhausting)

  5. The song isn’t on iTunes… Predictable! Just think how many hundreds of downloads they’ll lose over this weekend that is the most important. I hope it’s released on Tuesday though. After that I swear I’ll stop caring about it.

  6. Even Kingston thought he was her ex lol. You can tell she’s still madly in love with Gavin. Their love is still Rocksteady. Just watch the way she reacts to his quirky English remarks 🙂

  7. I just think Gwen is still starstruck about Pharrell, like sometimes, she thinks how lucky she’s she gets to hang out with this guy after so many years. She’s definitely a big fan of his work. I also think Pharrell also loves Gwen because of her long career and how humble she is after so many years.

  8. NDLOVE@ B.O box office lol. I think she has a super high admiration on him as a person a professional. Also obviosly now that are more closer as friends I do think he helps her on her self-esteem and other issues. As for Gavin I think after all the problems they had in the last couple of years he’s finally not taking her for granted.

    B.O tracking is between 17-20M for the weekend. I hope it does more because the reviews are amazing.

    I hope the songs gets to itunes but won’t hold my breath ab it.

  9. The movie did good 25M for the 4 day holiday TWC is happy.

    “We like to say Paddington roared. It was only supposed to come out in the high teens,” said TWC’s Erik Lomis. “This is a great reception for this character in the U.S., and it is playing through the roof in Middle America.”

    Ann Thompson who is one of the best and fair movie columnist out there also had a great analysis of the movie numbers on her site.

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