Videos: More Interviews and Sneak Peek at the Blind Auditions (Updated)

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The Voice has added another couple of digital exclusives including more of Gwen’s interview from the set on why she thinks the show works and also a sneak peek at the Blind Auditions that had all of the coaches yearning for one special contestant.

Gwen calls the whole experience so far “surreal” and that is what she love about it. She explained how her family was all over to see her new baby when the phone call came through with the offer. Gwen thinks she is in a great position now to be inspired by the contestants because she’s “never played this role before” in her life. “It made me feel so reflective”.

Gwen acknowledges how the times have changed and says that there wasn’t anything like The Voice when she was growing up. She does mention Star Search but thought she was too young to even be thinking about auditioning. “I think people just get drawn into the drama, the race, the game. It’s very clever”.

Gwen thinks that the show is popular because she feels like people want to know other people’s stories. She finds it entertaining seeing people reach (and not) their dreams. Once the chairs turn around, Gwen finds it important to focus on the whole package, not just “the voice”. Visuals are “just as important as the music” and is something that Gwen has always been drawn to.

The Voice has also added our first look into the Blind Auditions process with contestant, TSA agent Damien. Gwen loved him — along with all of the other coaches. She found herself up on the stage comforting him after his amazing performance. #TeamGwen for the win!

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  1. OMG. She is soooo cute. In the interview she is so honest and down to earth and relaxed. I love her.

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