Photos/Videos: Gwen’s Interview and Performance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel/ABC
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel/ABC

Gwen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and sat down for a new interview prior to hitting the stage for an outdoor mini-concert. Jimmy praised Gwen for her live music video event last night with “Make Me Like You” and she said that they have been planning it since Christmas. She shared that she only took part in about six days of rehearsals. Gwen confirmed that the stunt double that fell in the video while rollerskating was on purpose to create shock value (which is successfully did!) Gwen then explained more of the movie magic that went on behind-the-scenes to make it all happen in one-take.

Gwen confirms that “Make Me Like You” is about Blake Shelton.

“What’s so crazy is that sometimes tragedies, when you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful. This whole album is really about trying to take something awful and healing from it and turning it into something beautiful.”

Jimmy brings up Tom, Tony and Adrian’s new band featuring AFI’s Davey Havok and Gwen shared that she just recently found out about the “reports” that she was being “replaced” in No Doubt. “They’re doing like a side project, they wanna do a band, like be in a punk band. It’s not No Doubt. All the guys in No Doubt are doing a new band just to do new music.” Jimmy jokes with Gwen about her wanting to return to No Doubt and having to ask the boy’s permission first.


Tom later shared on Instagram a screen capture from calling out reports that Gwen wasn’t aware of their plans saying, “Hey everybody, the press got this wrong again. We told Gwen last year about our new project. We’re all good, everybody is cool”.

11 Replies to “Photos/Videos: Gwen’s Interview and Performance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Updated)”

  1. Surprise that Gwen only got the news through the internet, I guess she checks Beacon Street.
    Gwen, please reply if you’re reading this 😉 hahhaha

  2. Oh and by the way, the song is currently #9 at iTunes. How cool is that?!

  3. Wow! I’m sure Gwen was upset about it when she found out online. I sure am upset that they didn’t keep her in the loop. Something is going on with the band and I just hope they don’t break up.

  4. I think the guys could have been more courteous and given her a heads up. They deserve to be creative and make money and don’t need her permission to do so, but they should have told Gwen since she is the face of ND and the most famous of the group. They had to of known she would get asked questions about it. The side project is not being handled very well so far…IMO. BUT I did get the impression that she might have been in contact with them after the rumors hit the internet, so that’s good…

    Anyway, this is all great promo for her album/single. #8 on iTunes! She looked beautiful.

  5. Sooo disapointed to learn that Gwen only heard about it on the internet. What a lack of respect, don’t you think?? And I’m kinda sad that the band seems to be not that close anymore…

  6. Wow, she was so snotty during the blast from the past Didn’t even acknowledge that woman..not even a hey how have you been, but went nuts when she mentioned some dude. If that was me I would have been so hurt. U could tell that woman was humiliated.

    1. Lol Now you speak on behalf of others? I don’t think that woman was humiliated at all. And to start with it was her who brought up that dude. And Gwen said good bye to her in the end. I thought she was sweet! At least she didn’t pretend she remembered her. At let’s get real, it’s not often people like to be remembered about the past, especially the High School days.

  7. I think it’s ABSOLUTELY ridiculous for that woman to even think she’d remember her. Gwen has met millions of people, everyday she’s working with meeting new people alllllll over the world. She was very sweet to the woman, as much as she could’ve been & of course she’s remember the guy because it sounds like maybe she was a lil violated by him or he made her feel uncomfortable, and at such a young age of course a woman would remember that

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