Videos: Gwen’s Appearance on Ellen

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Gwen was a special guest, alongside her fellow Voice coaches, for Ellen’s season 12 this afternoon. She was spectacular and participated in The Voice ‘Go-Kart Chair Race’ and ‘The Voice Drinking Game Challenge’. She seemed to have an incredible time with her boys and Ellen and seems very excited for the new season to kick off.

3 Replies to “Videos: Gwen’s Appearance on Ellen”

  1. I really think that The Voice is probably the best thing that could’ve happened to her (after P&S). She is just so cool and so much fun and it’s so great to see her being to natural und funny outside of her comfort zone. I have enjoyed every single appearance/interview so far as Gwen is just so much fun to watch these days. She’s gonna rock this show so hard and have thousands of new fans eventually. It really is a whole new chapter.

  2. Are you trying to upload the entire interview? I’d like to watch the whole thing. Or isn’t there much left to watch?

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