Videos: Gwen Performs “Wild Horses” with the Rolling Stones

Check out some videos of last night’s surprise duet of “Wild Horses” when Gwen joined the Rolling Stones live onstage during their tour opener at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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  1. That was nice but nothing will top the surprising appeareance she made on stage with her husband on the Glycerine song. Still thinking about it lol

  2. Geez, she was acting drunk in the first part LOL Honestly, it wasn’t that great, but what an honor for her and she looked fabulous. I hope this is just a preview of what’s to come with No Doubt. I hope in 50 years I’ll be seeing them on tour still!

  3. I hear that people are say Gwen was singing off key. I didn’t sound off key to me (it sounds like the song has some minor key changes in it).

  4. I thought she did a great job.

    It sounds like she was trying to mimic how Mick sings and I think a lower key was necessary for the duet. I wish she would have been on another song but you can tell how excited she was to be up there. Plus it might be a favorite of hers.

  5. Lord. She botched the lyrics big time. Her one solo verse has a part where she slurs everything and tries to hit a low note to hide this fact.

    It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t all that good either. Still, what an honor.

  6. She did a good job! Why are people overly critic of female singers? No one really critiizes the singing of male singers especially in rock n roll. People just give them a pass and say thats rock n roll.

  7. We live in a culture that feels the need to criticize women to a harsher degree than men. Accept their bodies and their voices as they are rather than try to break them down.

  8. That’s a really tough song. Harriet Wheeler is the only other woman I’ve heard do it. Gwen gave it her all. She tried. I wish she did Start me up! That would of rocked!

  9. Awww the best thing is Gwen was absolutely loving it; she is so adorable!
    Fair enough, vocally it wasn’t anything incredible but she sounded the same as Mick….
    Did Mick do anything incredible in this song vocally? Well only as much as Gwen did…. I’m pretty sure they were on a total par which is how it’s meant to be in a duet! Gwen did good and it’s incredible she got to do this 😀

  10. I like it. She was singing like a 90’s Alternative female rocker does. A little bit of Poe and a little bit of Courtney, plus her own style. That’s what she wanted to contribute to this song. JUST GET THE POINT!

  11. After seeing some higher quality vids, I think they both did a bad job. Those low quality vids that I first saw made them sound a lot better. Did they even rehearse before the show? (I will agree though that it is a tough song)

  12. She was a bit late coming in at the end there and that’s what made it sound so weird. Looks like she forgot the lyrics a bit too. Its a weird place vocally on these two recent slow rock duet things, this and the Bush duet, just really bad songs for her vocally, she should of had them change the key to fit her better. But who wants to ask the stones if they can play the song differently?

    Also I would like to point out that Bush use to perform this song live, as someone above mentioned, yes it seems it is a special song to Gwen and Gavin.

  13. It’s not so much HOW she sang it for me, it’s the fact that she screwed up the lyrics so bad. I hope she isn’t beating herself up over it, but it is embarrassing.

    And yes, Mick and Keith didn’t sound good either, but this isn’t a Rolling Stone fan page, it’s a ND one. So of course we are going to talk about Gwen’s singing LOL But yes, Matthew, I can agree, in general, that people are harsher on women than men.

  14. I guess I’m just confused on Gwen’s performing these days. There were some shows during the 2009 tour when she was so solid, but a lot of the performances lately have been bad. It seems to me it’s either a lack of confidence or rehearsing or both.

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