Videos: Gwen Performing “Hollaback Girl” On The Voice (Updated)

NBC has shared Gwen’s full live performance of “Hollaback Girl” from tonight’s live episode of The Voice! She looked and sounded incredible!

Gwen performed alongside a troupe of dancers in a slick black jumpsuit and matching black tips on her hair. Pharrell joined Gwen on-stage and changed the “ooh, this my ****” chant to “ooh, this my beat, this my beat”. Everyone gave both Gwen and Pharrell a standing ovation after their performance and welcomed them to the team for season 7. Such a proud moment — go #TeamGwen!

“What am I not excited about? Two minutes ago, I was giving birth, and now I’m standing here in front of all you guys — it’s incredible!” she said after the performance.

L.A.M.B. shared that Gwen’s dancers were rocking their Freeda Wedge High Tops for the performance!

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  1. Thanks Jenny I wish they didnt tape shows I love live tv. Ive never watch the voice but will next season.

  2. That was one of the best live performances of the song…like ever. Yes, there was a backing vocal but you need that on these type of shows.

  3. omg. i have not watched regular TV in years but i had to tune into this. loved gwen’s black tips and performance.

  4. I didn’t even notice gwen’s black tips until you mentioned it. I just thought her hair was short, lol.

    I think Gwen did great. As she always does. 😀

  5. She looked and sounded really good. Yeah there were some backing tracks, but I guess a song like this really needs these. But why did she bring Pharrell on stage at the end? I know they are very close, but she needs to be careful that people won’t start to see her as “Pharrell’s sidekick” on The Voice. After all, they will be competitors on the show and not co-operators.

  6. Gwen’s face looks like she’s had a bit too much surgery… Perhaps got some botox done for the show. I think she would be better looking more natural

  7. Great to see her perform! Yeah kinda wish it had been another song, but it doesn’t matter. She was pretty good. Can’t believe she gave both 9 weeks ago. Wow!

  8. It did throw me off a little hearing the song and not seeing them behind her. I thought it was a solid performance though from Gwen!

  9. I totally didn’t even think about the HL girls being there. You can tell she sang live, but had the backing track and some back up singers. You could really tell during one point where she stopped singing, and you just heard the backing track, and then she went back into singing. You could tell the difference easily, and it proved she was really singing. I liked the black tips, but felt they clashed with her outfit since it was also black. I think her makeup was done better here and on the Today show interview then it was at the iheartradio awards. She needs new material out soon! She’s gonna have to perform with her team members, right? I think they are referred to as “coaches,” rather than “judges.”

  10. Last week I dreamed about managers talking about the return of the Harajuku Girls. That was weird, lol. Probably because I spent the night watching performances of The Sweet Escape, I love the choreography.

  11. Yeah say what you want about the Harajuku girls but they were really amazing dancers. I kinda miss them too. But somehow I feel like they are part of the past. I think Gwen should work with new people, even as a feature.

  12. I miss the Harajuku Girls too, I wish they could appear even with No Doubt, as like Baby did in the Settle Down video.

  13. Jenny, Hollaback Girl is #109 on US itunes. Glad to see it back on the charts 10 years later 🙂

  14. She’s got to be working on something music wise, right? I mean, why join a show like this and not put out new material? Even if it’s just collaborations. You don’t judge a singing competition only to promote fashion lines and nail polish. I hope more is revealed soon (and I really hope it’s ND related).

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